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Can't Wait for Fantasy Baseball 2013...


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Thanks to our pals, Muzza and Kiwi, for making our draft an international event, as they randomly chose the draft order for the ECL's fourteen teams. The order is:

Hit Records-Larry

Let's Pretenders-Frank


Sox Man-Jack

Yankee Joe-Joe


The Jatt-Pat

Rock and Roll Kids-Mitch

Vox Populi-Tom

Performance Enhancers-John

Deep Blue Sea Devils-Jay

Desperate Fools-Marlene

Great Expectations-Paulie


The RBL will be announced soon!

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Nice! It's so rare to get the #1 pick (for me). Is Don Mattingly still playing?

Looks like our money league will be locking in at 10 teams. We have beat the EC.com bushes looking for two owners to give us 12 (again, even number required). No reply at all, as the Beatles said, though I know Mr Tommy Tunes has waffled on the money league.

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Add Mngr. wins and take Mattingly, the 1st year (1984) of our AL only league, I had my choice of OFers to round out my roster, I chose the semi productive Steve Kemp over the rookie Mattingly, that one hurt. I did win the 1st 2 yrs of the league tho, so I guess I survived it. Strange the things you remember.

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And the draft order for our money league, courtesy of Muzza and Kiwi in New Zealand:

1) Expectations

2) Play Ons

3) Paisley Sox

4) GATWs

5) Psychotic Reaction

6) Go Down Swingin'

7) Rasphillies

8) Ballers

9) Jatt

10) Currents

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