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I'm "Starting Over"


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Today...me..my wife Lorie and 2 lawyers met to begin finalizing a formal Separation Agreement.

Financially this makes sense for the next coupla years when we'll divorce.

Turns out both lawyers lauded us on being on the same page regarding our kids and that we want the best for eachother...

Turns out we're both pretty decent people...who may just bring out the worst in eachother...

Turns out that I'm not ecstatic this morning and didn't sleep last night 'cause it's easier to demonize and hate the other than to realize that in the end..maybe you were both..."A little bit wrong...and a little bit right". (-N.Diamond)

Anyway Here's to...

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Thanks Dave...Thanks paulie...

Dave here is a "Supersized Tangent"...

I'm a teacher who is in a different school every week.

Last week I was in an elementary school that had alot of special meetings for teachers and the kids had to spend a coupla periods over a few days in the auditorium watching movies...

Well I got to see the Disney Channel characters in your avatar..."Phineas And Ferb"...

I enjoyed them so much...I ordered their "Second Dimension" movie for my grandson Ben.

I always say...Everything IS a learning experience...

Again...Thank you my friends.

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Been there a couple of times myself, Ira. It is never easy, but at least it seems that you two are moving on with respect for each other. I was lucky in that way also. Brighter times ahead, good buddy.

I don't know how many times I played that song during those hard times. It really helped.

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