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Happy 5th Anniversary!


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On this day, 5 yrs ago...I heard pure, lusious power pop at the Playhouse Theatre. That concert was one of the best things that happened in my life and remains engraved in my brain forever.

So thank you Al, for all your help then. Thank you Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim...for all the kindness you showed my sister and I that nite and for the hottest concert I have ever seen.

If I had a Christmas wish...it would be to go back in time to that nite....It was pure Ecstacy!

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Oh how I envy you, and the rest of the gang who were able to attend the Reunion concerts. I wasn't able to go, but I've been able to live the dream vicariously through everyone's vivid accounts of that magical atmosphere. I could never fully explain in words how much your stories have meant to me.

I've also thoroughly enjoyed the stories Darlene has told me about her experiences with the Raspberries in their early days!

I love you guys for that! Thanks!! :)


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What a beautiful post, Val! Happy Raspberries Anniversary to you! I'm SO glad you got to see them! Al and the guys are absolute honeys. So is Denisie and all their families.

Ecstacy for sure. I still start walking on air thinking of those shows, even from "the old days."

Maybe Santa will be good to you and at least give you a dream or two so you can relive that night! I have one every once in awhile...


:)-Love, Dar

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