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G minor


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What a beautiful photo.

It reminds me of my husband. He loved to sit and play his guitar too.

He played by ear, so plucking away for hours, till he got it just right, was the normal thing at our house.

The Martin D28 was a nice looking instrument, but he always fussed when he played it.

The ridges in his finger tips!... yikes!

Thank you Bernie for the photo and the memories.

Your the best!

plainjane xox

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Aventurine said:
Awsome picture! Thanks Bernie!

John Lennon model guitar and oriental lacquer folding screen

remind me of Japan!!!

Unfortunatelly it isn't Japanese style, I guess it was made in China, Taiwan, Thailand and some other Asian area.

How do you think Sharon?

I have a large antique lacquered sewing box that I bought in Thailand (from a collector formerly from Hong Kong) and was told it is Chinese. The art on Eric's screen looks very similar. The style looks Chinese (or Taiwanese, perhaps?) to me. I would not know at all if it were Japanese; so this was interesting to me, Naeko.

:) Jean

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