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HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETEST NOVEMBER GAL THAT EVER EXISTED!!! I am devastated that I was offline on your special day and missed it. But this wish still means just the same:

You are sugar and spice and everything nice and the best possible friend in the entire world! I wish you love, joy, peace, happiness, good health, prosperity and beautiful music, especially of the EC and Raspberries kind!

You are a precious precious lady, beautiful inside and out. I know you had a wonderful birthday but I wish you every beautiful thing in the entire year to come.

Love you always and forever!

:)--Love, heartpump Dar

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Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes !! I can’t believe I forgot to post my own birthday !! DUH!! It completely slipped my mind this year. I had a very bad day on Friday. My car was vandalized. The side mirror was ripped out and I have a funny feeling who the culprits are, but I can’t prove it. Long story short……I had had an altercation with two people after the hurricane who were trying to take advantage of my elderly landlords. Their granddaughter and her boyfriend (both heroin addicts) had come to the house and were trying to take their car because they could not get any gas. They got upset, would not give her the car, I heard all the commotion, I got involved, was approached by the boyfriend (who is a BIG boy)…..I refused to back away and told him if he didn’t back off, I would lift my knee and give him something to cry about. He called me a very, very nasty name and I lost it!! He must have seen the fire in my eyes and finally backed off but would not leave the property so I spoke to the both of them in the only language they understood which was 9-1-1. I knew that would work because they both have a rap sheet a mile long. They take off, the cops come to the house, I give them the plate number but the cops can’t do anything because they “didn’t see anythingâ€. I wind up arguing with the police, yada, yada, yada. So……I really think these two pieces of trash gave it some time, came back and decided to piss me off even more by taking my side mirror. I went straight to the dealer on Friday and had it fixed, but was still pissed off !! I came home and had a glass of wine, then a second glass, then a third…then I passed out. I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. I could get drunk on Robitussin !! I never even got around to turning on the computer on Friday. I woke up Saturday morning, remembered it was my birthday, and decided to take a train to NYC and spend the day doing what makes me happy….SHOPPING !! I really had a nice day. I was all over Manhattan. I had a very nice lunch with only two glasses of wine (didn’t want a repeat performance of the Friday night !!), I shopped and I gave money to just about every homeless person I saw laying on the sidewalks. But the highlight of my day was when I gave $2 to one homeless man who actually stood up and hugged me !!

Thanks to everyone who called me last night!! And thanks to Giro for starting the thread !! I had so many phone calls and I’m sorry if I couldn’t answer all of the call-waitings, but I did get all the messages. *Smooches* to all of you !! You guys rock !!

P.S. to James: Please be advised that you will be receiving my 11,398th application to the James Harem. I don’t give up so easily !!

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