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Fleetwood Mac: a 2013 comeback


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YES! Stevie Nicks has been talking about a Fleetwood Mac reunion in 2013; here's one recent story on it:

Fleetwood Mac 2013

And here's another:


Great news.... You always wonder, with "classic rock" acts, if their next tour will be their last (as we all wondered during the Raspberries glory days of 2004-2009). I was hoping we haven't seen the last of Lindsey, Stevie, Mick, and John (from what I understand, Christine McVie is still out, unfortunately).

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I agree that there is a nice balance with the mix of Stevie's songs, Christine's songs, and Lindsey's songs, but many bands don't have that diversity to begin with. I would be thrilled to see FM again, even without Christine. I can't remember which year I last saw the band, but it was soon after the release of their "Say You Will" album, and Christine wasn't there. It was a fantastic show nonetheless! I have seen Lindsey solo many times since then, and that, also, is always a great time.

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I think all FM fans would much rather have Christine participate than stay at home. But I also think most would rather see a reunion without Christine than no reunion at all. Also, I think the nature of Fleetwood's and McVie's bands is that... people do come and go. There were the early Peter Green years, the Bob Welch (RIP) years, the Buckingham/Nicks years. There were even points in time in the late 1980s and mid-1990s where Lindsey had left but Stevie remained, and where both were gone. But, thankfully, they haven't splintered for good (unlike other bands we love!).

Jenn, I saw a show on the Say You Will tour too (Worcester, MA appearance), and it was outstanding. In fact, I've really come to love that CD; it's getting better with age, IMHO. I've been listening to it a lot lately — so many great songs ("What's the World Coming To," "Miranda," "Peacekeeper," "Steal Your Heart Away," "Running Through the Garden," "Bleed to Love Her," "Destiny Rules," and especially those two last tracks, Lindsey's "Say Goodbye" and Stevie's "Goodbye Baby."

I also LOVE the four-song EP in the deluxe edition. "Love Minus Zero" is one of the four or five best Dylan covers ever, by anybody (again, IMHO).

So... more to come from Fleetwood Mac... at least a tour. And here's hoping they lay down some new tracks, too.

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YESSSS! Fleetwood Mac's 2013 tour announced, spanning April 4 (Columbus, OH) to June 12 (Detroit), with 33 dates total.


For my own selfish purposes, they're in New England on April 13 (Boston) and April 20 (Mogehan Sun in CT).

Unfortunately, we're not likely to get a new Mac album—more likely a couple of songs or an EP. See this link:


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