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Voting Harrassment


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Ok - Normally I never post but let me just tell you what happened this afternoon in our neighborhood. It's a nice day - about 80 out with a slight breeze - I thought to myself - hmmm - I think I'll take out the new John Taylor autobiography and read it in the front yard and enjoy the day. (Yes I know - John Taylor??? Duran Duran??? Oh MJ what are you thinking... I am thinking he was really HOT in the 80's and I know he had a lot of dedpendency issues so I figured it would be a good read)... anyway, moving along, I put the chair out in the driveway with my back to the road so I'm facing the sun - I spy 2 young people walking down our street. Hmmm I wonder what they are doing... suddenly I hear someone say Miss Fisher? I turn and look and see the 2 young people standing there - I realize they are coming to harrass me about voting - I don't respond to Miss Fisher - then I blatantly lie and say I'm not her and then further tell them I am not registered to vote. They go on their way - meanwhile I hear another voice coming from the condos around the bend from my house and hear this woman talking about voting. I'm still watching the 2 going down the street door to door. Suddenly I hear the woman asking the guy who is just moving out junk from a rental house next door about voting - he's saying - No he's not so and so.... suddenly I spy the 2 teenagers across the street from my house and they are harrassing a 17 year old about voting.... the older woman starts towards my house - I say "Don't even bother" to her - she gets all sweet and light and says "well have a nice day, I was just reminding you to vote" I again say I am not registered. She walks to the next door neighbor's house and then I spy another 2 people meeting up with her. So much for my peace and quiet and enjoying reading a book. I go inside and tell my mother about all these people going door to door ONE AFTER THE OTHER within 5 minutes of eachother when THE DOORBELL RINGS again!!! My mother tells me "I don't want you to get the door because you will get nasty with them" so instead she goes and opens the garage door and I hear her yelling "THIS IS ABSOLUTE HARRASSMENT!!!! I HAVE ALREADY VOTED BY ABSTENTEE BALLOT AND YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL HARRASSING US - THERE IS NO SOLICITING IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! LMFAO - now what's really funny is it was both parties following eachother around - I'm sure someone called the cops on them all because within 15 minutes our entire block got called on 3 freaking times by all parties!!! I can't wait until this election is over! Oh and by the way.... don't forget to vote! BAH HUMBUG!

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