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Oh Sandy!


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I've been in touch with Diane - She's coping ok, but is also without power. I'll be posting Birthday greetings for her until she is up and running again. I see that Ira posted in his game show thread last night, so maybe he is doing alright?

I wish all of our East Coast friends the best as they try to get back to some sort of normalcy in their lives.


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I'm in northeast PA, Luzerne County, and we were affected far less than we expected to be. My city did have some power outages (still does), but our power here at our house never faltered. I did have work cancelled Monday, that wasn't a problem laugh

The worst that happened to me personally was that for maybe 8 hours, I lost email access. I never lost internet, just email. Weird. But it wasn't a problem, especially given what some people went thru (and are still going thru). There are some downed trees around town, and the trees left standing don't have leaves on them anymore, they all seem to have landed in my yard Indifferent

As far as I know, there were two deaths in PA as a result of Sandy, an 8 year old boy and a 62 year old man, both killed when trees fell on them. Very sad, but I have to wonder why they were outside in a hurricane to begin with, there were warnings all over the place to stay indoors. I guess it was just their time... crying

Anyhow, all's well here, back at work as usual, and getting a game plan to prepare for the upcoming holidays, the closer they get, the busier work will be for me, so I need a strategy, I do all the cooking and have everyone at my house. Hope everyone else came out of this unscathed.

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It's weird to say this...but I've escaped to NYC. We live in Princeton, NJ (a stone's throw from Darlene, and a 20 minute drive to Bernie). After spending two days in the dark and increasingly colder temperatures my wife and I headed to her sister's apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She has power, hot water and her food isn't rotting in the fridge!!! We made it in before the 3-person per car restriction went into effect. Phew!

We had to throw out everything in our fridge and freezers. Cooking on the grill stopped being fun and romantic after about a day. And going to sleep at 8pm meant I was wide awake at 2am....with nothing to do!! (Oh, and we even got tired of having you-know-what!! And that has NEVER happened before!!)

Aside from the lack of power we had no damage or flooding. Our neighbors weren't so lucky. Trees down everywhere. It looks like my daughter's wedding venue on the Jersey Shore has been severely damaged. (Wedding is 10 months away but she's freaking out....and I can understand.) Yesterday the weirdest thing I saw was on the NJ Turnpike. It goes right by Newark Airport. There were no absolutely NO planes there. None! Ususally you can see 60 planes from the highway. The entire airport was empty.

Last night the Upper East Side of Manhattan was insane!!! Between all the people walking north (because of the lack of subways and trains) and all the kids trick or treating it was a sight to behold. Sidewalks jammed. Streets gridlocked. It was a blast!

(For those who don't know, there is no power south of 30th street or so. We are staying on 75th street. Every 20 blocks equals a mile. The island is a mile wide...at its widest. So when the news reports say half the city is in darkness...and the other half is lit...it's literally just like that!)

This slap of reality has been incredibly humbling. I, for one, have a much greater appreciation of what the south coast and gulf coast deal with whenever a hurricane slams the shore.

Oh, and that Chris Christie guy?? He rocks! I'm voting for HIM for president.

Be safe everyone,

Dave (in NYC until further notice)

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Dave..my brother's office in Princeton has power now.....his home a mile away was powered up early this AM. As some of you know I have offices in NJ. Bernie in Sayreville might have power since one of my therapists lives there and now has power, although my office less than a mile away from there does not. Here's hoping Bernie is not on THAT grid and he gets power soon.

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I know for many of you who have endured this life-altering Mega Beast known as "Sandy" things will never quite be the same. I have also endured a tornado when I was only 7, although no where near on the same scale, for a 7 yr. old it was still pretty frightening and images remain that I will NEVER forget. My prayers for strength, courage, endurance, patience, but most of all for safety and love to remain within you during your recovery and healing. You have ALL been very much in my thoughts...
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I really feel for all those poor folks in NY (especially Staten Island) and NJ who got hit so hard and lost so much. It's unfathomable. I was thinking about how if that kind of damage landed here and I lost my home... don't know what I'd do. After last year's Halloween ice storm, we lost power here for six full days, and I know how much tension it was causing in my own home and neighborhood, so I can't imagine how it feels for displaced New Yorkers and NJers who no power, no gas, and no sense of when life will get "normal" again.

The authorities seemed to get a great and inspired jump on the chore of cleanup — especially in NJ — right after the hurricane happened, but now... they need that sense of urgency again.

Oh — and I for one think it's a mistake to keep the New York Marathon on. I love sporting events too, but use those resources and that money and that manpower to help victims, and postpone the damn race... IMHO!

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First of all, I hope everyone in New Jersey, Staten Island and New York are okay after this horrific storm. I just got my power back since Monday afternoon. I was prepared for this storm with batteries, transistor radio, extra food and water, but I didn’t think I was going to be without power for four days. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be that bad !!

I was so out of the loop with this storm. Not having any power I was unable to find out what was happening. After a while, all my batteries were gone and I was left in the dark. I could not even get cell phone service. I’ve been glued to the television since the electric was restored and I am in tears !! New Jersey really got the brunt of this storm. It’s horrible to know that so many lives were lost and to watch homes and cars floating in the water.

Long Island got hit very hard also. We are surrounded by water. I just missed the mandatory evacuation zone by a quarter mile. I did venture out a few days later to try to pick up some food since everything I had was tossed out. The streets look like a war zone. There are trees and wires down all over blocking roads. There are no traffic lights. No one is allowed to make any left hand turns. Some of the roads near the small lakes and ponds have literally collapsed. There is no food in the stores. Most of the supermarkets are closed. But, most of all, there is NO gas. All the gas stations are closed. If you are lucky enough to find one open, the lines are miles long. People are panicking. There are riots at the gas stations that are open and there are fights at the supermarkets. Cars have been getting stolen just for the gas. AND….I have yet to see a policeman either driving around or directing traffic. Where the hell is everybody ???

I searched some supermarkets on the internet today and called before I ventured out just to find out if they had “real†food. I had to travel at least 15 miles today just to find something to eat. I was there for 4 hours. I had to wait an hour to get into the parking lot and the rest of the time was spent getting what I could and waiting on line.

Like I said, I’ve been glued to the TV and I have to give NJ credit. I absolutely love, love, love Gov. Christie !! I want to move to NJ just because of him !! He is such a “people personâ€. He really cares about his state and the people. He’s organized…he knows exactly how to take the bull by the horns and he gets the job done. Now…after listening to Bloomberg’s sorry little speeches, I want to choke him like a chicken. Putting him in charge of this cleanup was a bad idea. Well…putting any man in charge of cleanup and getting things organized is a bad idea. This is where a woman comes in. Right, gals??? There are 8000 utility workers that were brought in to help with the power restoration. 8000 !! That’s a LOT of people !! I completely understand that the all the hospitals and nursing homes need to be focused on first as is the importance of getting NYC back to order. But after that what they should be doing is sending each town two utility trucks with 5 workers per truck and have those workers just focus on those towns until the job is done. Simple !! This way, everyone has a fair chance of getting back to normal. I now have power but the people across the street are still without power and I have not seen a single utility truck in the neighborhood since yesterday. Again…where the hell is everybody ???

I just hope everyone who got hit with this storm didn’t lose too much. I lived on the water for ten years and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been through horrible storms where I’ve lost everything but the clothes on my back. It’s devastating to see everything you worked so hard for all your life be destroyed by Mother Nature. Rebuilding is not easy. You can replace furniture and clothes, but you can never get back your sentimental items. I finally moved out of that area. I was getting tired of always having to elevate my furniture, packing my stuff and evacuating. It’s just not worth it. “Wind will hurt you, but water will kill youâ€.

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Diane..so glad to hear that your are 'basically ok'. I have been watching the news and I can't even fathom the desparation people must be feeling now.

I hope everything gets cleaned up and power back to everyone as soon as humanly possible. I also pray that no one has lost any loved ones...

Ps...Diane..you are so right..get out there and take charge girl... laugh

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I just talked to Diane on the phone to be sure she was ok since the storm. My brother in NYC and my friends in NJ still don't have any power and there are a few relatives no one can seem to get a hold of how lived down the shore so I hope they are ok. It's gonna be a long hard haul for all of those who have suffered but let's hope they will be able to rebuild and get back to "somewhat normal" very soon! Hope everyone else is ok out there.

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Thanks Val and everyone for their concern.

I spent the week at a shelter for OLD Rockers who think music stopped in 1968...

Just kiddin' grin

Actually...I spent Sunday thru Thursday at a good friend's (LuvLove) house...no power...but it was almost fun....

With the right attitude...it was a little like bein' snowed in when school ..(I'm a teacher)..literally was cancelled.

Thank God everyone's alright.

Can't wait to hear from Bernie who hails from a Jersey town that was REALLY hit hard...

Bernie...We wish you and your loved ones all the best during this week from hell.

Thanks again Val and everyone.

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Good to hear you're hanging in there with this, DianeD!

My part of NH only had rain and wind. This was very fortunate considering how badly hit the towns around us were with Irene. One of the bridges is still out from Irene.

My mother lives in NYC, but grew up in Florida, so she just chuckled that I called her to make sure she was ok. "I know what to do" said she.

There's a rumor of a nor'easter next week...hopefully this bypasses the NY/CT area. They've had enough.

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