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I wish to thank everyone who has been adding rare songs and ideas for my special project. So many songs I had NEVER heard of before until my friends here at EC were kind enough to share them. I have been redoing the 5 lists and have managed to chisel them down to 3 (a very massive 3 lists however)! Now, I still MUST figure out what direction to take all of these intense songs about the many different feelings that revolve around the word 'love'. I have also had some further unexpected issues that are complicating my completion of this project! So very sorry as I do not mean to disapoint those who have been kind enough to help me. My first BIG 'somewhat' unexpected issue is that I will be going for more surgery just as soon as they are able to schedule it for me...Yippee or maybe I should say OWEE! The second issue is not an issue at all but rather a wonderfully

suprising 'gift' that truly falls into my project regarding "LOVE".....I have been blessed to have someone new come into my life :-) She is much younger than I, and I am having a hard time keeping up with her youthful exhuberance but she really has helped me to continue to 'fight the good fight' despite whatever pain I may be in. Anyways, her name is "Lucky" and she is an adorable 9 week old labrador mix that I rescued after she had been abandoned in a landfill site...thus me giving her the name "Lucky". So please everyone, be patient with me and I still have every intention of completing the wonderful projects I have already begun...Special huge thanks to Kirk for also helping me to get through my difficult times with the most uplifting thoughtful gift! Thank you sincerely Kirk...I am working on it too ;-)

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