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Beach Boy Fires All Other Beach Boys


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Frankly, I questioned Brian ever agreeing to do anything with Love in the first place, in light of all the past lawsuits and bad blood. This is consistent with Mike L's past behavior toward his former band members.

Had Mike sat down with the other three, and told them that he wanted to take the Love/Johnston "Beach Boys" out on the road after the last 50th Reunion show was completed, and that he was afraid trhe original band might get overexposed, I'm guessing they might have agreed graciously, and gone back to their own bands and pursuits.....and they may have even agreed to record another album sometime in the future and reunite at a later date.

What it appears happened is - Love instead wanted to throw his weight around and remind everyone that he owns the name "Beach Boys"....and he pulled this stunt without discussing it with Brian, Al or David. And I'm also sure he's laughing his ass off about the media referring to it as Mike "firing" Brian, Al & David. While those 3 appear to be disappointed, they certainly can't be surprised by Love doing something like this.

I only hope that he tries to bill his band in some way that misleads the public into thinking they'll be seeing the other 3 originals....and he gets sued for it!

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Brian has far more talent. He's far more original than Mike.

Mike is acting like a manager who has little talent.

Sometimes, managers like Mike don't understand that they don't have talent. I don't think of The Beach Boys with Mike Love, I think of The Beach Boys without him, because of Mike having far less original musical talent. Managers talk, but they are not great musicians.

I know people with so much talent, it makes Mike look like a beginner amongst out-of-this-world talent. He's not in the same league as the best.

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I agree with everyone. It looks to me like a 'money grab'. If Mike owns The Beach Boys name, he's worried that the other original members will get money off of DVD's or a CD from their concerts together.

They are part of The Beach Boys image and represent their music. All the others can show that they are more genuine writers than him, thus deserving more royalties and praise for their work. That Mike is the last with ideas. Hardly ever the first.

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Good read in the LA Times today: Mike Love explains his side of the story. He's got a way, and he brings up some details that most wouldn't know about "the business" that is The Beach Boys. But... c'mon. At the end of the day, if you're touring as the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson and Al Jardine want to keep doing it, you LET 'EM!


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Doesn't Mike's other Beach Boys band play Brian's songs, too?

It does seem to be more about money. Mike gets more. His unoriginal band members get less. And Brian gets nothing, except for royalties from past albums. But not playing concerts is no money for Brian, etc.

Maybe the original Beach Boys can hire Mike's "Beach Boys". Then Mike can rehire the unoriginal Beach Boys back.

Or, Brian can do another tour with just his songs.

If Mike hired non-originals, then maybe the original band members can work it out to play more of The Beach Boys songs, if Mike doesn't want to play in the original band. Or if he would rather play with the non-originals.

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Back playing again, this time with The Surf City All-Stars (See their tour dates, with several artists, this year)

is David Marks and Al Jardine ( See their tour dates, also ).

.David and Al play on separate dates, then together with the all-star band.

Surf City played a tribute concert called Remembering Ricky Nelson, with his sons Gunnar and Mathew Nelson, in January.


Later on a cruise,  in November, joining The Surf City All-Stars will be Dion, The Temptations,, Peter Noone, Brenda Lee, Jay Black,

Martha Beverly    , Joe Piscopo, etc.

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