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Andy Williams has died


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Yes I agree with you Val. I can even remember sitting around with a nice mug of hot chocolate while watching his Christmas specials...it always seemed like an extended part of your own family at that time of year..you know, trying to get home and gathering for the holiday, the decorating, the carols, etc. I know I will probably get slammed but I actually preferred listening to Andy over Frank Sinatra. Andy had a way of making you see the other world where you wanted to be...like gliding across Moon River-the visuals that always came up in my mind whenever that song played-such a tranquil place to be. R.I.P. Andy and thanks for sharing your voice with the rest of the world!

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Andy Williams was very popular also in Japan.

He sang in Japanese, his Japanese pronuncition is perfect.

Thank you for your brilliant songs....


Thank you Aventurine

Andy's music is so beautiful in Japanese. It seems that he sounds romantic in any language.

We were blessed with his presence for a long time but the time came when he needed to go. He will be missed but I'm glad that we will always have his music.


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