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IAN HUNTER: When I'm President


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New album. Incredibly rich, toe-tapping, poetic, and rocking! Dude still has it!


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Ian Hunter

Mother, I'm a stranger in a strange land

I feel like an alien

Like I'm on the outside lookin' in

I don't seem to fit in

Maybe I'm Aladdin with a rusty lamp

The genie never stood a chance

To make all my wishes come true

Here's what I wanna do

I'm gonna lean on the 1%

When I'm president

I wanna 28th Amendment

When I'm President

Like theives on the holy road

Diggin' up the mother lode

Like pirates on the open seas

Like highway robbery

Still whining 'bout your bonus

Man up, you're ridiculous

You know ya can't take it with ya

So give a little extra

I'm gonna lean on the 1%

When I'm President

No more bargains in the basement

'Cause when I'm President



Watch out baby, 'cause here I come



You're gonna see my ugly mug up on Mt. Rushmore, yeah!

You go in with the right intent,

When you become President

You hold those truths to be self-evident

When you become President

But something happens to you up on the hill

And it's business as usual

How do you wanna buck the system?

Welcome to the pit and pendulum

I'm gonna lean on the 1%

When I'm President

I wanna 28th Amendment

When I'm President

No more bargain basements

'Cause when I'm president

Everything's gonna be different

When I'm President

Veto this,

Veto that

When I'm president, I'll stick it to the fat cats

Cross my heart,

Hope to die,

When I'm President,

Pigs are gonna fly

Look at 'em!

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Just saw him Saturday night at the Howard Theater (DC). Ian's also still got it live, even at age 73! He, of course, did the title track of the new album, and explained that he and the band didn't quite know how to end the song when recording it. . . .so he tossed in the line about pigs flying and "look at 'em!" Also said the new album would be entering this week's Billboard charts at #151. . . . may have been serious, but I doubt it. Only a few hundred people there, but everyone was a huge fan.

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