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Ok, I just watched "let's pretend" for the 1,000 time and omg!

The truth is, ladies can't help but get stuck to their chair watching this video.

Pure azz sexy!!! The man can't help it. He drips sexy all over the place!!!

Between his voice, good looks, and gyrations...your hooked!

His lyrics are also written to draw females, like a moth to a flame.

Sleep with me, be with me, love me, make love to me, go all the way...omg!!!

Sure thing!!! Just bring your hot little azz over here and I will!!! Hahaha!!!

Then you add his musical talent.

Fingers gliding over black and white keys, so softly.

Like makin love to the piano.

The instrument yielding to his touch...gladly performing his will.

Fingers that have magical powers unlike any other.

Who wouldn't want to touch those hands, caress those fingers.

Seriously though...he wanted to know what we, the fans,liked about him...well there you have it.

He is one brilliant package of male sexuality.

I'm sure I speak for every female on this site when I say...I'll take him!! smile

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Like makin love to the piano.

I believe making love to a piano is illegal most everywhere except Lapland (but only with a Steinway), and well, Uzbekistan. However, as we all know...ANYTHING goes in Uzbekistan---well, not Morris dancing, but someone may need to check with "legal" about that. grin

And on that note...here is my video I did for "Waiting" in April 2011. Tim from WI loves this song. It didn't have a video and I was so touched when I heard it, I made one for him...and the song itself.

I wanted the photos to reflect what the lyrics are trying to convey, so it's not just a composition of pictures, but hopefully, a musical collage of "feelings".

PS: I'm still trying to do one for "Let's Pretend", but it's a bit harder than I thought. Not all songs can be easily translated from "words" to "photos".

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Oh Wendy Ann I saw this video, and a few others that you posted on youtube just this morning.

I was very impressed with your piano playing skills on the Happy Birthday to Eric video.

I had never heard the song "waiting" but now that I have...I'm hooked!!!

Soooo very beautiful!!!

Great job matching song to pictures. smile

Eric has no idea how much he is loved...and missed.


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