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Raspbernie said:

Just added four more videos: In 1999, three of the original Raspberries (Eric, Wally and Jim) reunited for the first time in decades to play at a Cleveland birthday party for music reporter Jane Scott. Local TV-host "The Ghoul" was there, and presented some rare video clips from the show on his program. Check them out:


Password: Member


One of the effects of the Hurricane-Meets-Nor'easter storm that no one in the mainstream media is talking about: It slowed Bernie's progress on the Ultimate Archive! Here's hoping that you get back into a groove.

And seriously speaking, here's hoping those who were affected by the storm are back in the groove of normal life. I saw footage last night from areas in NY that will be w/out power into Thanksgiving and, in some cases, Christmas! That's terrible. The power company LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) is taking a beating, and rightfully so.

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Not a bad little resume!

Great work Eric. And a tip of the hat to Bernie as well! Whats next! Come on Eric, Bernie needs some more material for the next book! How about a "Members Only" video of a new song? You must have a few just laying around we would kill to hear. Just a simple little informal gathering at your home piano?

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