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Feinstein Bringing 70's Pop Music To Orchestra


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The pianist/singer was asked to direct The Pasadena Symphonic Orchestra, after the passing of Marvin Hamlisch. When Marvin lead the orchestra, the audience grew by 20 percent each year.

He is known for being well-versed in The Standards. (The songs of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Berlin, etc.) As well as Cabaret songs.

He has never been a music conductor, and was reluctant at first. He has been called a musician's musician.

I believe he said next summer, for the 70's Pop Music program.

I have my own Orchestra version of All By Myself. I came up with a Pop/Rock version, for fun, that I'm wring out the chords and notes on paper. The tempo is faster.

I used some of Eric's words to help in the writing, and some of my own. The words can be dropped, for music only. New chords, and different from the original, except for the chorus. Which starts at the beginning, and once more in the middle. Then, dropping the words- Voila, a new and different version. At the chorus, the notes of All By Myself start on the word not ( The three notes ). Using French Horn and Violin.

Notes are A, E, F#, A

Violin and French Horn start this section slowly. (Key of C, or other key ).

All By Myself (Repeat, but change last note higher, on second time). First time: The notes are C, G, A, C ( Back to beginning C).

Second time, notes are C, G, A, C ( Up to higher octave C )

Then French Horn and viiolin, two notes F and higher octave C ).

Then, E and higher octave G .

After this, the tempo changes to the Pop/Rock style.

Drums begin:

( Verse )

When I was young, I didn't need anyone

Notes are A, G, G, C, C, C, C, B, A, A, E

Summertime- Sights and sounds. We were having fun

Notes are D#, D#, D# - D, D, C, A, A, C, D, C

( Bridge of song) :

Each time you learn, ..... if you didn't before

F, G, A, G/C ( Start G, then C on same word ). F, F, G, G, A, G

Taking chances..... Just like I did - Hah!!

C, B, E, E, ....E, F, G, A, B, D

( Chorus) :

Whenever I'm with you

D#, D#, D#, D, C

I'm not by myself [ Echo All By Myself, notes only, starting on the word ' not '.

C, C, G, D#, C ) , [ Echo is G, D, E, G ] .

In every kind of season

E, E, G, B, D, C, A

I'm not by myself ( Echo again, starting on the word ' not ' )

A, A, D, D#, C [ Echo G, D, E, G ] .

( Verse )

Now I am sure

A, G, G, C

I used to feel insecure

C, C, B, A, A, E, G

Got it right

D#, D#, D#

And things are swaying again

G, C, A, C, D, A, C

( Bridge of song ) :

I've paid the price

A, G, G, E

It's like rolling dice

B, B, A, A, E

Which way life goes

F, A, C, D

Hold on when you don't know!

C, G, D, D, D#, F

[ Inviting people on stage here ] .

Drums, Bass, Organ, and guitar :

Come on, Come on

B, C, B, C

It's time to get up-uh

C, C, C, C, D#, C

( Bass)repeats ) B, C, B, C

Get up on your feet-uh

C, C, C, C, G, C

( Bass, B, C, B, D [ Slight note change ]

The people right there

C, G, G, F, C

( Bass again )

B, C, B, D [ Slight change on last note, again ]

Come up ...And sit on a chair

C, G, ... A#, A#, E, F, G

( Piano, Bass, guitar solo )...

Then French Horn and Violin end with Pop/ Rock tempo

Playing again, the notes of All By Myself

Notes of G, D, E, G .

Then orchestra plays slower ending

G, D, E, C (higher octave C )....

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