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goodbye girl

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Sort of ticks me off that all FOUR of them couldn't tour when they were all alive. I guess Davey's death got to Mike. He was always one of my favorites, and undoubtedly one of the most talented of the group, so will probably see the threesome when they hit my area. Still, makes you wonder what might have been...


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I saw the show when it came to Chicago a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it, though the boys seemed to have a little tiff on stage when Mike was upset one of his guitars was out of tune and wanted to do "Papa Gene's Blues" a second time and actually left the stage for an uncomfortable few minutes when Micky and Peter said "no". Peter deflected it all when Mike returned with a "if we do the song list out of order, we may end up starting from the beginning again because of our advanced age", to the delight of the crowd.

Initially, I said I wasn't going, because I was upset that they didn't do this with Davy while he was alive, but in the days before the show, I read several interviews with Micky that said they had planned on doing this tour with the four as a celebration of the 45th anniversary of "Headquarters", their first album without Don Kirshner and with them playing and writing songs on it. Then, I regretted not buying tickets to the sold out show, but oddly enough a day before the show, an old friend of mine dropped two tix into my lap that she couldn't use and refused to take money for them, so I went.

Bernie, you, like me, had to have enjoyed all the deep cuts from the "Head" album.

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