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Boats Against the Current, 35 years later


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Just to add a little more (confusion) to the subject, I got out my press kit from BATC...included in it was the Cleveland-Akron May 1977 issue of Phonograph Record Magazine (free from WMMS fm). In it they wrote, "By June, after the album and single (another ballad, possibly the title cut) have shipped..." I don't know when the May '77 issue of this magazine went to press, but they were still guessing on a release date and the first single.

Another piece included in the press kit is from the August 4, 1977 issue of Circus. In it, Eric talks about the two choices for the new single- either BATC or She Did It. Circus was a bi-weekly music mag, so it probably didn't hit the presses too much before the issue date. It looks as if things were still up in the air in late July or early August.

I know this doesn't clarify anything, but it gives me a good excuse to dig out some of my Eric Carmen goodies, and that's always a good thing smile

Actually, I think that press kit does clarify, Kirk. Good sleuth work. I would guess that the Aug. 4 issue of Circus would have been put together and printed by early July, because the distribution of newsstand magazines required a good month. (It's tighter now, of course.) But still... it was early July, and Arista was still deciding on a single for an album that was coming out in mid-August? Hmmm... It's just the way the project went.

That was the frustrating thing about it. Usually, new records would come out on their release date, or at least close to it. And usually the first single would come out a few weeks in advance, right? It was supposed to pave the way for the album. (At least, that's how it worked for decades.) Anyway, Boats had a rolling release date that moved by weeks at a time.

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This song is relatively new to me...but this is the way I feel when I hear the song.

BTW, LC. Did I ever tell you that I just LOVE when you post? I get all "happy" when I see a new post from you. Always worth the time to read one, long or short.


Aw, you made my day, Wendy. Thank you!

(Now, can I interest you in a subscription to my antiques newsletter...? Hee hee hee....)

Seriously, I appreciate that. I feel the same way about your posts, with that hot pink font. I love your outlook on so many things....

Anyway, I will try my best to duck in here more....

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Thank you for the wonderful thread you posted, Larry,

and Bernie's following information.

"Boats" is most favorite tune in the world for me.

I heard the song at the first time was in 1979.

In 1979, Eric invited "Yamaha World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo"

as "a special guest star".

(I mentioned about the festival sevral times before)

At that time, we heard Eric's tune everyday,

many many times, every channel on the radio in Japan.

Posted up Eric's poster on the walls everywhere in Tokyo.

Eric's wrapping bus had made for advertisement the festival.

Then I heard the incredible tune on the radio....

It Was "Boats Against The Current".

I run to record shop, and bought "Boat" album.

Unforgettable song......over 35 years.

I LOVE and ADMIRE his great work.

Thank you Mr.Eric Carmen! :thanx:

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It's rare to get an uneclipsed view of a song's creation. Gosh, even Eric's notes are logical, structured, and ordered. And, the choices of words are pure art. It's a tossup right now as to whether I prefer the notes or the finished product. Both are beautiful in their own way.

Thank you Eric, and Bernie, for sharing this proecess with us. Flat out serenely beautiful.

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AnneG, I totally agree with your note about "Boats" that Eric's "choices of words are pure art." His most poetic song, for sure.

PS: From one New Englander to another — it's great to see you post again!


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