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Jim Ever Get A Lead Vocal?


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This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I have Temporarily mislaid my deluxe Sunset Strip cd/dvd. On the DVD extras it has a radio show the boys did for Armed Force Network in Germany. They talk with each member, then do a song. Whoever they talked to seemed to do the next vocal.

I've played it twice, while doing other things, and had my attention divided. I can't even remember what song they play after Jim's interview. Maybe Roll Over Beethoven. I need to go back and listen to some of those concerts posted here, and decide who it sounds like it is singing Roll Over.

This may all be common knowledge to the learned members here, but I'm the newbie.

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Jim sang on the records and on stage in the early '70s. He didn't sing at all during the reunion, which was his choice. He had a microphone during early rehearsals, but with the added vocals of the Overdubs felt it was better to focus on drumming than harmonizing.

As far as I know, he never sang lead.


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