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Raspberries: Panama City 1973


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I have the entire concert on CD but nowhere near the quality of this audio file. You found this on youtube? I would love to have the whole concert at this quality.

For what it's worth - I think that GATW, in that particular concert, was their best performance of the song ever. It's played fast with its deep melodic essence available to the euphoria centers of the mind - in other words, it sounds good as hell! Does anyone have this high quality recording of the entire concert?

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Hi RaspAthens,

I regularly scan Youtube for new uploads of Raspberries or Eric. I believe Kirk does too. I just stumbled across this.

I guess you can always contact the uploader; maybe he can help you or better yet, upload that great version of GATW! I am sure we'd all love to hear that.

Good Luck, :) Jean

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Yes... welcome, Rr. Any photos?

Eric had some crazy memories from that show. From Eric Carmen: Marathon Man:

“Before the show, the radio station in Panama City brought us this huge shopping bag filled with drugs and said, ‘Here. Help yourself.’ I don’t know what this guy took out of the bag, but he must have dropped acid or something. When it came time for our introductions, instead of announcing us, he steps up to the microphone and starts to bark like a dog. He was just standing there—barking like a dog. I remember walking onstage and saying to him, ‘Are you okay, man?’ He said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t take any of the stuff that’s in that bag.’

“After the show, we all went back to the Panama City Holiday Inn where we had a few rooms right on the ocean. It was nice and we were all sitting around in one of the roadie’s rooms gearing down after the show. It was a real mellow vibe when all of a sudden the tour manager comes in buzzed to the gills (we still don’t know on what), walks over to me and says, ‘Mr. Carmen, let me have your hand.’ I remember saying, ‘What?’ ‘Give me your hand!’

“I held out my hand and he started to rattle off this blithering nonsense saying, ‘Everybody is a star. Everyone here is a star. Every roadie is a star.’ He kept going on and on, and as he was pontificating in this small motel room full of eight guys, one by one, each guy quietly made his way to the door and left. All the while, this guy had his head down and continued talking and carrying on, going on and on about nothing. When he finally looked up and realized that everyone was gone, he freaked out completely and started throwing ashtrays around the room and whatever else he could find. He ran outside and headed for the end of the parking lot by a break wall where everyone had gathered. 

“He was wearing a long black tuxedo jacket with tails. The next thing I know, Rusty Pitrone picks this guy up by his tuxedo lapels and throws him over the wall. I can still remember seeing his tails as they sailed over that break wall. That was his last night as our tour manager. It’s one of those things you just had to be there for. I’m not sure if it translates or not, but it’s got to be the funniest thing I remember on tour, seeing that guy’s tails going over that break wall."

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