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I Saw The Light Vocals


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Of course, a very pretty song. I've always loved the backing vocals doing the "I Saw The Light" chorus. I cannot decide if I think this is Eric doubling up on the chorus, or is it Wally taking the forefront.

Listening to it just now, I'm leaning toward Wally. I know the tune was originally Wally's, based on a weekend with some friends, so it would fit that he might be featured there.

Just for discussion.

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In Bernie's "Marathon Man," in the very back of the book (Musical Rorshach), Eric states:

I Saw The Light (Eric Carmen/Wally Bryson) [Raspberries, Raspberries, Capitol SK-11036] A really good song. I especially like the original demo version that Wally and I did.

If you just listen to the chorus, you can clearly hear Wally singing "I Saw the Light." Eric may have also doubled it with him. Ahhhh...the beauty of Raspberries harmonies...


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Wally's voice seemed to waver between a Beatle-smooth variety(Might as Well, Last Dance) and something rougher and probably more natural for him. (Party's Over)

If you've seen the videos on Youtube of him performing with Dave in The Secret (1981), he's mostly in Party's Over voice there.

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I Saw The Light was one of my favorites from very early on. It was the perfect example of the glorious meld Eric and Wally had. Two incredible voices--and absolute magic together. The blend was heavenly.

I first heard them on a Friday night on the car radio as I was riding to a club. The sound put me in a complete trance and I nearly hit the little VW Beetle in front of me! I'm sure the driver appreciated that! I was convinced the group was English, and, being an Anglophile, I was bent on learning who they were. The deejay didn't say, though. When I got to the club I was less than interested in the house band. I tried to explain to my friends what I had heard and asked them who it might be but nobody could figure it out. Then, some blessed soul played "I Wanna Be With You" on the jukebox. I recognized the sound (but not the song, because I had heard a slow ballad on the radio and it must have been 'Let's Pretend'). I went scudding across the dance floor to read "selection now playing" and there it was: Raspberries! I was so excited I don't even remember what happened that night. I DO remember that I went out and bought the album the next day and had a new favorite group. And every other album after that. I was hooked. Still am.


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