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Raspberries Finished?


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Thanks Bernie.

I remember reading something like that over a year ago but looking for the post last night could not find it. With some of the more "hopeful" fan posts I read recently I'd thought I might have imagined it.

I'm glad I saw the band during the reunion shows the three times I did.

Hopefully someone will post the link.



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Here's the 'PG' explanation from Eric, since Bernie asked. There was another one that involved Wally telling somebody to "F-off", but who wants to stir that pot up again. God Bless the guys for giving us those great reunion shows and the cd/DVD!!

"Elton's "Yellow Brick Road" tour was one of the five best concerts i have ever seen. Having said that, I always think it's a bit strange to ' say never.'

The Raspberries will not tour again because the same difficulties that the band experienced in the 70's could not be put to rest 30 years later. People are just people, and you can't change them.

Wally and I have always had a love/hate relationship, and I realized the last time we played together that it was over. No animosity. I just can't go there anymore.

And I won't.

It's time to move on, and move on I shall. You guys would get bored seeing the same Raspberries show over and over again, anyway. I purposely never pushed to play my solo stuff with the group, because I knew it would upset Wally, and that's not what the Raspberries were about, anyway.

But after a point, I found the Raspberries shows very constricting. There are so many other songs I'd like to play, but really couldn't, within the confines of the band.

I didn't want to upset anyone, so I kept my solo stuff (except for ABM) out of the show. Wally was very reluctant to play that one, even though it probably meant broadening our audience. I'm done with that sort of nonsense, now.

If I tour again, I look forward to being able to play anything from the Raspberries catalogue, and my solo catalogue as well. And I'll do it with people who are happy to be there.

I think that's as diplomatically as I can say it."

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Eric Carmen said:

I like to think of my life moving FORWARD. I don't live in the past. I've never liked the feeling. If I decide to do something in the future, it will definitely be something I haven't done before. There won 't be any more Raspberries concerts. We've been there, and done that. To do it again is going backwards.

The most logical thing for me to do is to play with an orchestra. That would be something new, and fun.

I'm sorry guys, but I can't spent my life reliving the past. The past was fun, but it's time to move on.

New challenges await.

A solo show is, by it's very nature, a small room, few hundred people type of show. I saw J.D. Souther last year and he did a terrific one man show, but it's also very limiting for someone like me who loves five part vocal arrangements, and big drums and guitars.

There's absolutely no reason for me to tour again, unless it's something I can get excited about. That's what I'm thinking about now.

Unfortunately Eric Carmen posted at "One Man Shows" thread.

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Raspbernie said:

But we'll always have Cleveland. And New York. And Los Angeles. And Chicago. And Denver. And...

...and Waukesha. And the R&R HOF (I was able to see the whole soundcheck which was cool).

In the meantime people can always check out a Wally Bryson & Friends show, Jim Bonfanti playing with the Jeff Soukup Band & Boxer, and maybe there will be an Eric solo show sometime - All of our fingers are crossed! :)


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