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Happy Birthday, Eric. Can't believe it's been five years since that memorable b'day party for you at Bernie's. (My daughters certainly won't forget it — they got to meet a real star, and one of their dad's musical heroes.)



PS: A little bit of Beatles to close out your birthday:

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Wendy...another great video!

P.S. - I didn't know you played the piano!

if I closed my eyes, I couldn't tell if it was you or Eric playing grinspin...amazing...how long have you been playing?

Why thank you, Duane. I have always "tinkered" on the old ivories since I can remember. And to think...I only did one run through on the piano. I mean, after all, I was up against Ariane who is a professional. I'm happy you couldn't tell that I wasn't. winklaugh

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Wendy, I LOVE your video!!! So artful are you, whether you play the piano or not! And you DO play the piano! I see budding talent there!

Loved your friend Ariane's performance! Beautiful tone, and not just from the violin--from the violinist! smile Love her rendition.

Just the most adorable, sweet and creative birthday video I've ever seen! I just know it melted Eric's heart!

Thanks SO much for sharing it!

:)--Love, heartpump Dar

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