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Have a fun weekend, Eric. This could be a new trend, 'Weekend at Eric's.' Balloons, etc.

Tell Bernie not to turn the music up too loud. Then again, you can introduce your songs that way to the neighbors. Maybe someone can play or sing some of your songs to you.

You have been busy, afterall. Thanks for adding more to your book. Thanks to Bernie, as well as Billy from the board here who added more.

Quick, someone borrow Jim's boat to catch some perch or trout.

Amyone have any board games to play?

Well, Sharades will do. The game where people guess what you are trying to say, by using a drawing board, too.

Wally's still celebrating his, maybe.

Dave, I think is out of town.

Who's going to bring cigars?

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It's ironic, today is one year that I have been on this site and since Bernie closed the rest of the forums I am going to have to post this poem here for now. As I was writing this poem it came to mind that my daughter was the same age as me (age5) when she first heard your voice in Go All The Way last summer. Like me she did not understand the song or it's words but she just loved hearing your voice especially in that particular song. She has come to love a lot more of your music as has my son Ben. It's amazing how your voice and music is so timeless it can touch even the youngest of hearts. So Eric once again Happy Birthday. birthday

She was five years old when she first heard him sing

Playing that guitar rocking those keys

His voice sounded like a lullabye when he sang Go All The Way

She never stopped listening to him sing or play

A voice that was soothing and calming to the ear

A voice that could melt even the youngest of years

A timeless voice for all ages to hear


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Happy Birthday Mr. Carmen,

I hope all is well with you. I don't know why you've been gone and it's none of my business. I hope you know what a gift your music has been to so many people for so many years. I don't go all the way back (no pun intended), but the first time I heard Boats I was hooked. I know your career has been OK, but you've never been the commercial success that you should've been. I often wonder if that disappoints you. I can understand if it does...you pour your heart and soul into a project and for one reason or another, the public basically yawns. That's gotta be very frustrating. I hope you get some satisfaction from knowing that the people that do get your music...get it very deeply...it moves us...it is very personal to us...very special. I know that's not the same as selling millions of CD's but it is very special. I can't imagine making music that has moved so many for so long.

I'm 50 so I'm no kid. I'm married with an adult son. I think I'm a normal, blue collar guy. I love my family. I work hard. I try to be honest and decent. I'm semi-smart. I don't live in the past. I'm not a groupie or weirdo. But I love music...I have an appreciation for lots of music...new and old. I find myself listening to your albums (Boats through IWBTLY) more than anything else. I never tire of them. That amazes me because I get bored with so many things. Boats (the song and the album) moves me as much today as it did over 30 years ago. I think that's saying something. Your music is like comfort food for my soul. I could never pay you what your music has been worth to me. I can just wish you the peace that your music gives me.

Sincerely...Duane Smith


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