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Sending you a universe of wishes for the most beautiful happy birthday ever. Wishing you as much joy, love, peace, good health, good luck and prosperity as your heart can hold AND, of course, the most divinely, sublimely beautiful music, that of the ages, and, most especially, YOURS, past, present and future!

Adding the most personal and heartfelt thanks for all the music for all the years, and thanks in advance for what is to come. You always have been, are and always WILL BE my musical hero and absolute idol. king

You have been blessed with the most royal gifts a mortal can possess, and I look forward to your future endeavors! Wishing you all your birthday dreams come true, all at once!

:)--Love, heartpump Dar spin

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Guest Fresh

Eric, I hope you have some Ecstasy (not the drug!) on your birthday, and maybe an Overnite Sensation too! I Can Remember the reunion shows of 05-06...fantastic! We want you to Go All The Way and have a great Sunrise on the morning of your special day. Maybe you'll have a Change of Heart and Play On for us with some Cruisin' Music concert dates in 2012-2013. We will all be there to see you with Rose Coloured Glasses because we Wanna Be With You. Your fans hear have Hungry Eyes(and ears) for your performances, and we promise that if you do some shows, we won't try to put our Hands On You. But afterall, That's Rock'n'Roll!!! haha

Rob coolbirthday

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Happy Birthday

It is the third to send you this message this year

Time goes by at all

You do not invite me to the birthday party at all


You do not try to sing at all

I try to listen to your old sad song tonight

It is foolish

It is sad

It is only it


Your old sad song is always...




clair de lune

Your(Eric Carmen) i(second moon)

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Happy Birthday birthday, Eric heartpump ! I hope you are doing fantastic, and that life is treating you well! May this year bring you some of the joy, happiness, and contentment your music has brought to so many of us through the years! Needless to say, we miss you something fierce around here! Have a fabulous Birthday!

Love, Elle

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