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It was on July 18, 1949 in Gastonia, NC that Wally Bryson of the fabulous Raspberries was born! What a shining day!

Sending you wishes for the happiest birthday anyone could ever have, filled with joy, peace, love, good health, prosperity and beautiful beautiful music today and all year long. You so truly deserve it all. smileking

And thanking you, my dear sweet friend, for all of the music for all of the many many years.

heartpump Love, Dar

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I hope you continue celebrating, Wally.

There's a Rock event in L.A. on September 21st.

All are welcome to play.

It's on sunset blvd., I heard on the radio, last thursday.

In another article, I was reading that some of the big concerts, with multiple guests are playing not only Rock, but other styles. This is a way to get more people interested in going, they said. Some smaller, lesser known bands, are getting people to set-up the stage, and food at the show. Advertising food and music go well together.

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So that inspired me to write a folk song, which I've never done:

The bass begins, with the fiddles playing, drums, and guitar.

The singer says, 'Put on your hats. The straw ones, too.'

Beginnging chords, by notes, can be (bdad) and (bdgd), played on the first and second frets, on the lower four stings[Not the two high strings of b and e-

Verse: (G) Fixin' to get ready

Putting jam on some toast

The sun rises (D)early, ©and I'm (G)up

(G)The Kettle's cooking coffee

And that's fine and good

A few things for (D)me

Are ©just e-(G)nough

Bridge:©Remember haystack riding-

Those (Bm) days of long a-(D)go?

(G)Sitting so high

A ©fly goes by

And (D)everyone's ©singing a (G)song

Verse: (G)Gitty-up, Gitty-up

But there's no horse to pull

A truck, now, (D)rolls ©down the (G)road

(G)So many people want to ride

They ©figured it was (D)better,

I was (G)told

Bridge:And, ©haystack riding

(Bm)Wasn't like it was be-(Cm)fore

-)G)People standing up

Less ©bales of hay

But, (D)everyone ©says, 'That's o.-(G)k.'

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