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Growing up

Guest Rachan

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Guest Rachan

Watching my daughter about to start high school eek (where did the time go?) This time next year I will be a grandmom (I thought the granny reference would bother me, but instead I am excited to get to (at this age) fall in love again)

I have been thinking alot about growing up... Summer is still a magical time for me & I can remember just how delicious it was back then. Just coming home from the pool & laying in front of the fan, watching TV. Not a care in the world.

I've been thinking of some of the stupid things also. I hope others will chime in. I'm sure everyone here has comical things to share & this place needs to liven up!!

I have exchanged stories with Kim & enjoyed the heck out of it.

My Oldest sister Bernadette made a "habit" out of construction paper, slapped it on my sister Valerie's head & convinced her she was the "Flying Nun". She also convinced her to stand on the railing of the porch & pushed her over to "test it out". (She wasn't the flying nun....not even close eek )

Again...Bernadette with the construction paper tells me she is going to make me a "school Safety" (she was a safety & I SO wanted to be just like her...I was about 4 years old) She makes me a construction paper "badge" & proceeds to staple it to my chest , the way you would a cork board. (She was REALLY punished for that one!)

(Note to self, Bernadette + construction paper = injury)

There are others...The great Spatula fight of '72, involving meatballs, a burly lesbian named Jane Wyman (I couldn't make this up) & eventually the police.

But one of my favorites is when Bernadette was babysitting Valerie & I for the first time. We were about 12, 9 & 4 yrs old.

It was right after the whole Charles Manson thing. His picture had been on the cover of Life magazine & everyone was terrified & in a state of high alert.

We were all sitting watching TV in the living room when we heard a noise upstairs.

Bernadette (she's always been a real peach) Stood up & shrieked that the Manson Family was breaking into our house....we spent the next couple of hours standing outside terrified, waiting for them to come bursting out of the house & hack us to smithereens.

When our parents came home, my father went upstairs to confront the "Mansons"( As we stood screaming for him not to...)

Turns out the Dixie Cup dispenser had fallen off the wall. Not a single Manson in sight...

Anyone feel like sharing some of their own stupidity?

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Great stuff Tracy. For a chick, you weren't so dumb. Just a little dumb.


Anyway here's mine:

I was about 12 (not so young). We always spent Thanksgiving week in West Virginia at Oglebay Park. We'd rent a cabin in the woods, our cousins family rented the cabin next door and a third family we were close to rented the last cabin down the way.

Anyway, we had been out playing. I had unknowingly created a "skidmark" in my tighty whitey underpants. In fact it was actually a little more than a skid mark blush... and thus I needed to unload the tighty whiteys...quick!

So we ended up at my cousins cabin. Nobody was there but my cousin Billy (one of my best friends as well as being my cousin) and I. I decided to unload the tighty whiteys as I'd done in similar situations in the past. My method was full proof. It had never failed:

I flushed my underpants down the toilet of my cousin's cabin.

Anyway, after relieving myself of that "load" I proceeded to leave and head to my family's cabin to have dinner, secure with the thought that I'd unloaded my underpants and nobody would ever know of my skidmark+ crime.


It's now after dinner. My cousin Billy calls over and asks me if I want to come back over to his cabin to play cards. I replied "Sure!!" (I loved hanging out with my cousins).

So I walk the 100 feet to my cousins cabin and knock on the door. My aunt opens the door and I walk in per usual course of action.

Upon entering I look to the left toward the bathroom ....and my Uncle, 10 feet away, is standing there with a clothes hanger........with..... my tighty whiteys hanging from the hooked end..... (oh my GOSH)... blush.....and my 5 cousins, my Aunt and my Uncle laughing up a storm!


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I'll never live it down. My brother called me last year from Columbus and told me all the cousins were visiting with our family at our farm, and that Billy (my cousin friend) was telling the whole party the story of James' underpants flush debacle.


Oh well..


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Guest Rachan


Worst frigging mistake made since Vietnam.......Loss of life, nothing gained , MAJOR financial burden.... All done for the sake of ego...

I am in no way defending the "annointed one"

But certain things ARE Bush's fault.....

Not to mention....this was my frigging thread with fond memories....Not a political one. Thank You James for playing nice.

Take both of your venom over into cartoon world....where it belongs

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Oh, I don't know...I was talking about bad economy and making excuses for James' Harem woes. But since things are real slow around here and Tracy is all ginned up on war talk...I think it's about time for the real "War on Women" to take over this thread!

Now...go put on your lingerie, cook me some dinner, fetch me a beer...and deal with the fact that I'll only pay you 75% of what I would pay a man in lingerie. And I will only pay for half of your birth control and abortions...IF I am happy with your services, that is! king

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Guest Rachan

There was a post after your original one that someone didn't have the stones to keep up......it was very inflammatory & was what made me finally .....after many months....take the bait & respond to something political.....

Did you REALLY mention birth control & abortions in a joking manner? Don't you have a daughter?


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Summers were very special growing up in Brooklyn during the 70's. We would hang out with literally 100 kids at Marine Park or down "The Bay". In my group there were white kids, black kids, asian kids, Christians, Jews. It was awesome. As a teen, the biggest kids (I was in this group) would arrange to buy the beer. Geez we were fourteen years old...never carded. There was always music playing in the background (usually Chicago or Springsteen) serving as a backdrop to stolen kisses with high school crushes.Because of Facebook, I have reconnected with many of those kids (now in our 50's).

Summer had a special "feel" to it....a heaviness in the air which truly made its presence known. It was also the time when curfews were mere suggestions. Great days indeed!!!!!

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Well here is mine pure stupidity. We used to have this slop sink that when you did laundry the water would rinse into this sink suds an all. My mom would have a knee high hose attached and to this day I never knew why maybe to help with the rinse who knows. So anyway one Thanksgiving my mom has the turkey defrosting in the sink , I decided to do my laundry mind you I was an independent teen. I had know idea the turkey was in the sink. Well when it comes time for mom to put the turkey in the oven she sees it floating in the slop sink suds and all. That story was the highlight of Thanksgiving that year. Mind you we ate that turkey even after it's bath. And at Christmas I was given a lovely rubber turkey for a gift gag! To this day I can't live down that story.


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Anyway to join in, One summer my family was having dinner at my friends house, we were both 11. when we got up from the dinner table I saw my dad affectionately pat my mom on the butt a few times. like he did at home so many times...Later in the evening, me and my friend were goofing around and acting stupid, then we wrestled a bit, and when I got up I saw my mom's butt near my face...So I reach out to pat it just like my dad did earlier...She turned around with a shocked stare...except IT WASN'T MY MOM! IT WAS MY FRIEND'S MOM!...She could tell by my face that it was a case of mistaken butt-entity and she smiled and we went on our way...Thank God my friend didn't see what happened.

About 20 years later I called their old house phone number to try and re-connect with my friend and get his current number. His mom answered...She said "Hi Tony, I remember you..." There was an awkward pause in the conversation before I asked how her butt was...I mean, what her son's number was... blush

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