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The Beach Boys in Calgary - July 11, 2012


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Just for you, Ira wink

It really was a special night at the Beach Boys show in Calgary last night. Hard to put it all into words, but the magic of the band and their music is timeless. Sure Brian looks like he'd rather be somewhere else, and while he probably still doesn't like performing, I believe he really does understand what his music has brought to so many people around the world. I still can't stand Mike Love, but heck he is the ultimate front man.

Last night's songs were a jukebox of memories - 49 of them!

1 Do it Again

2 Catch A Wave

3 Hawaii

4 Don't Back Down

5 Surfin Safari

6 Surfer Girl

7 Getcha Back

8 Wendy

9 This Whole World

10 Then She Kissed Me

11 Please Let Me Wonder

12 Come Go With Me

13 Why Do Fools Fall In Love

14 When I Grow Up To Be a Man

15 Disney Girls

16 Kiss Me Baby

17 It's Ok

18 Cottonfields

19 Good Timin'

20 Isn't It Time

21 California Saga: Cool Clear Water

22 Be True To Your School

23 Don't Worry Baby

24 Little Deuce Coupe

25 409

26 Shut Down

27 I Get Around

28 Pet Sounds

29 Add Some Music

30 Heroes and Villains

31 I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

32 Sloop John B

33 Wouldn't It Be Nice

34 In My Room

35 All This is That

36 That's Why God Made the Radio

37 Sail On Sailor

38 Forever

39 God Only Knows

40 Good Vibrations

41 California Girls

42 All Summer Long

43 Help Me Rhonda

44 Rock and Roll Music

45 Barbara Ann

46 Surfin USA

47 Kokomo

48 Do You Wanna Dance

49 Fun Fun Fun

The supporting musicians for the Boys have a large say in the sound, and their work cannot be denied. It is exemplary on all levels. In the end, I really was glad that I went to the show, as it reminded me that when it comes to music, all you really need is a good melody, and the BB's and Brian have done it better than (almost) anyone else.

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I'm flattered Marvin.

Though I have a mind of my own...your "take" on music is incredible...and somehow...I was eager to see if you enjoyed the tour as much as I did...'cause I'm blinded by nostalgia and my love for these guys...and you're ALWAYS objective.

Again everybody out there...I ain't even sure that they're not already on their way to Europe for the final leg..but if you can...run...don't walk...to catch the man who created the soundtrack of American Summer together with Mike..Bruce..David...and the under-rated "George Harrison" of the Beach Boys...Al Jardine.

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Originally Posted By: hollies65
What a set list!

too bad....no hits LOL!

And I can easily think of 10 more songs that they could have done and that STILL wouldn't have been enough!

This concert brought back pleasant memories of when I saw the Boys a couple of times in the 70's during the peak of their "Endless Summer" career resurgence. Just a party with 18,000 people singing along to every song.

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