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Got a story...

Tony Cartmill

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Guest Rachan

Do you need for me to rough someone up for ya Tony? grumpy

I haven't had any cyber battles in a good long time & I've got some pent up aggression....little extra time on my hands,now that it's summer.... wink

I hope all goes well for you & your family.....

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Crisis averted with help from a cousin and Hawaian Airlines bending their rules to accomidate, after they said there was nothing else they could do...I had my credit card ready...but they still almost spent the night in the Honolulu Airpot tonight. Thank you Yahweh and last minute cancellations...Now lets hope the plane lands safely in Manila...I go there in 2 weeks!

I'll tell you guys the crazy details later that caused so much stress.

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Hey Tony nothing like jacking up the suspense just to tell us you'll fill us in later! :updown: Just kidding! Hope all is well and your less stressed now. Have a good vacation and behave! If you run into Naeko don't let any of your bad boy image rub off on her, scarlett letter is not her style! grin


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So yesterday, I drop off my "seasoned world-traveling" wife at the SD airport with my 2 kids and her elderly parents for a month long vacation back home in her Philippines. I can't go for a whole month, for a variety of reasons, so I will hook up with them in 2 weeks and then we all come back as a family, except her parents stay 'cause they are homesick...

Anyway, on her connecting flight in LAX, she asks the shuttle driver if his is the shuttle to Hawaiian Airlines terminal, shuttle driver hears "United" Airlines and says yes...Uh Oh! So now they are racing for the right terminal...Directionally-challenged wife, 2 young kids, hobbling parents, they get to gate as it is closing, Damn! Parents can't find their boarding passes...Back to the ticket counter they go...Plane doesn't wait, Dammit! Wife is freaking out! Wait, take a later flight to Honolulu and maybe still catch the connecting one to Manila? "No way" says Hawaian Airlines. You'll never make it in time...and next H.A. flight to Manila with available seats is not for 6 days...Unless you take a different airline in Honolulu and pay extra for last leg of flight...$3400!

We were actually gonna put the $3400 on the credit card. My wife had been planning this trip since last year!...But as luck would have it...The original H.A. Manila leg of fight was delayed in Honolulu, while they were waiting for larger group from delayed flight from Texas. But my family had already been bumped off flight and luggage re-routed to stay in Honolulu. My wife and her cousins from San Fran, who were all hooking up for the final Manila leg together, begged, cried, protested, begged again to be added back on the delayed flight, since it was ALREADY PAID FOR AND NON-REFUNDABLE. Hawaiian Airlines finaly said OK and bumped a couple of stand-bys and let my family back on the original flight. So...It all worked out OK.

And we save $3400.

So...the next time the wife and I have a little spat...Do you think I should say. "Honey, why don't you go look for the Hawaiian Airlines terminal again!" :twitch:

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Thank Goodness Tony. How frustrating for all this to go down while you were in San Diego (although had you been there, TSA would have pulled YOU aside and searched every one of your body cavities repeatedly...no extra charge).


Glad all is well....safe travels for you and your familia!

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