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Willkommen Raspberries!


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In early 1973, Capitol sent Raspberries on a goodwill tour of Europe. They appeared on a number of radio and television shows and conducted press interviews in several European cities including England, France and Germany. The GREAT unpublished photo of the band arriving in Germany, along with the news clipping from the same arrival, are from Jim Bonfanti's personal collection.


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Kirk said:

I think the term "The sky's the limit" would not have been an exaggeration of Raspberries potential at this point in their career. Great pics!


What you wrote reminds me of my favorite Youtube comment by someone I suspect is an active member here at this website; it sums up my feelings (and probably every other member here....) :

God Damn....how did they NOT conquer the world the early 70's? :spin: Jean

p.s. Thanks Bernie for these great pictures!

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LatetotheParty said:

God Damn....how did they NOT conquer the world the early 70's?

Yes Jean, I think it sums it up for me, (without the use of the Lord's name in vain, though.)

Bernie and Jim, thanks for the photos and the newapaper clipping. "Verrah", cool indeed!

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Thanks for posting the never before seen photo and the news clipping from Hamburg! It might be a "joking caption" or it might be true, but the text from the newspaper says that Customs in Hamburg thought the packages were suspicious when they heard ticking!

I typed the words into a translator and I don't expect that all of the meaning is accurate, but here is what I got:

In the packages there was ticking ...

With boxes under the arm yesterday the members of the American pop group "Raspberries" got off the plane in Hamburg (photo). The Monner? by Customs, however, were suspicious, as it was ticking in the packets. There was uncontrolled laughter: The Raspberries had bought a Cuckoo in Baden Baden.

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