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That was no fantasy, Ira...I lived it! It's one of the reasons I love SoCal cool Now, where's my frisbee!

I grew up in Montreal, thousands of miles away from California. I just loved the songs, regardless of any California / summer association.

By the way, to this day, it is my firm belief that there is no more moving, emotional or better-done closing credits in a movie than those of "American Graffiti", and the use of the BB's "All Summer Long."

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I always knew of the Beach Boys because of my older brother, Greg who was really into music. But I “got into†them during the summer of ’81 when we (My sis, Maria, my BF Tammi and I) saw the cover band, “Papa Doo Run Run†at the “Coke Terrace in Disneyland. THE. WHOLE. SUMMER.

My sister ended up dating one of the guys (SHOCK) and I remained friends with the band. In fact, that summer we met John Stamos (before he was “John Stamosâ€) while watching PDRR. Gosh, he LOVES the BB. I guess that’s why a few years later he was drumming for them. Oh, he asked my sister out. (SHOCK!)

I don’t know the “inside†story of the BB, or if Mike Love is "all into the money" or what have you, but I suppose that most people do want to make a good amount of money while one works, and one is lucky if they can do so while working at what they enjoy and do best.

As for royalties, I guess there are many, many artists that have to sue for unpaid royalties (because they were not “business savvyâ€) and the costs to sue, let alone getting your suit "heard" before a court is long and tedious and expensive, especially if your Lawyer isn’t on contingency. Then, one may not even win or if one does, it may be an amount that isn’t even close to what one would think one is owed. It's sad that one may use someone else's "forgetfulness" to win royalties, but hopefully the one collecting DID deserve the payment.

As for reunions shows, no matter why a band member is “in†to do the reunion show, it hopefully behooves him as well as the fans. To me, it’s a win-win situation.

The BB always remind me of California, summer, and the surf and sand of the West Coast. I love the songs because they are just WONDERFUL! There really is nothing like listening to those songs on a summer day, but the crème de la crème is sitting on the beach in Laguna, watching the surfers and hearing one of their songs. It will give one goose bumps to say the least.

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My last comment on the lawsuits involving Mike Love (and Brian's not the only one he's sued - he and Al Jardine have been to court several times over the past 10 years, I think) is - it was good to hear last week that the lyrics to the last verse of "Do It Again" are back to the original ones.

Since the start of Brian's comeback solo shows, he's been singing the last verse as "....so let's get back together and sue 'em again..."

It's now back to "...get back together and do it again."

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Jean...How flattering to say this video made you think of me.

Brian is such a sensitive beautiful man...and from time to time I still get misty when I hear ..."Don't Worry Baby"..."When I Grow Up To Be A Man"..."Please Let Me Wonder"...

Brian has ALWAYS been someone who seriously has shaped my life.

I feel lucky to have been touched by this beautiful soul.

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Ya got me...It was ALWAYS there between the lines...and ONLY Tony C. had the perception.

Lovin' mushy 60's music...the vanity about my weight...all the EC Bromances....

You can fool some of the people some of the time...BUT ya can't fool Tony C. any of the time! blush

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