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Ricky Nelson Remembered Concerts


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The article I read is titled 'Nelsons offer a gift to, and from, their dad'. http://www.Rickynelsonremembered.com

A unique show, played by the Nelson sons, will be next saturday, June 16th at4 and 8 PM. Then sunday, June 17th at 2 PM.

They call it an A&E Biography show meets high-energy rock concert. With interviews of John Fogerty,Kris Kristofererson, and Paul McCartney.

They had such a great response in 2010, that they decided to do the show, again.

They return to the county that they grew-up in.

Mathew found a set-list that was part of his father's belongings, which helped in the order of concert songs. Plus, at least one of their own, as they record music, also.

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He said, you can't please everyone. So, you've got to please yourself.

His sons didn't want to play Ricky's songs. Until one day, they were asked to play them for the troops, overseas. They couldn't believe the reaction.

Then, they realized how [Frickin'] good his songs are (That's how one of them said it}. And decided to play them more.

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Funny, T. Ricky could have said, 'I'm too busy making money, not spending it. smirk

The show that the Nelson sons are doing is mostly a labor of love, one of them said. "You'll see it in the show".

I guess he means that there were alot of contributions by people. And the studios.

I don't know about the T.V., since I didn't see his shows.

But, if Universal contacts his family, then they could release it.

Plus, whoever filmed the Ozzie and Harriet T.V. series, with alot of Ricky's songs sung right on the show. I think the series is on DVD, now.

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