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IWBWY on 'So You Think You Can Dance'


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"Wow!" is right. Having never have watched this show, I asked my wife about it (she watches it regularly), and she said that the dancers usually choose their music. I am truly shocked that in 2012, a young dance couple (assuming that they're young) know "IWTBWY."

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The producers used the song in between dancers- showing different couples on stage (just snippets, not entire dances)- then segued into the next segment featuring a set of twins. As the judges would comment on the dancers the music would fade into the background...when no one was talking, it was front and center!

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I was sitting at the computer with my back to the tv...it took about 2 bars before I whirled around and exclaimed "Raspberries!" My wife, who is oversaturated with all things Raspberries and Eric, actually turned the volume UP when I said that :cool: Had to replay the segment a couple of more times before the show could go on :)

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