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Not my easiest issue to deal with!

Robin Gibb...Donna Summer...Johnny Maestro...Bobby Vee Teen idol battling Alzheimers Disease.

The Beach Boys' 50th Reunion Tour which was a euphoric experience for me...featured...and I quote...

"The Original Surviving Beach Boys"-OY!

"What A Drag It Is Gettin' Old"-M.Jagger/K.Richards.

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I know what you mean! So many beautiful, talented and vital people have left us far too soon. I hate seeing those whom I've adored leaving one by one. You quoted the perfect lyrics at the end of your post. It sure is, but it beats the alternative. I guess it means we are the "survivors." We never know what the future holds because it can change in a heartbeat, so we must make every moment count. One good thing about getting old is that it teaches us how precious each moment is and how precious all those we've lived have been.

That said, I'm still 24 in my heart. wink


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There's a world-renowned place called, City Of Hope, in California.

It's one of the very top in the world.

They are dedicated to cancer research.

Patients from around the world go there.

They are discovering new treatments. And how to slow, and stop cancer.

They vary their treatments, according to what works.

One way of treatment for people with tumors, is to zap only that section, instead of the whole body with medication.

This way, the body functions better, instead of bedrest needed with chemotherapy, which affects the whole body.

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Thanks, Ira. You cited "What a drag it is gettin' old" in your first post. Great line.

You thought of it too, MJ.

Marathon Mama--GREAT idea! Love it!

Mortality is definitely a tough issue for all of us, Ira. But there are so many medical advances that things are better. Mike, what a terrific hospital. It sounds very much like Cancer Treatments of America--I've seen their ads on television.

All we can do is make those moments we have the best possible for us and everyone we love!

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