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Robin Gibb has died


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"Nobody Gets Too Much Heaven No More"...

And then there was one...Gibb...

I'm REALLY sad..

For me the top 3 have ALWAYS been...Beach Boys...Bee Gees... Raspberries...

Robin...you always seemed a gentle soul..Rest In Peace.

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I heard it on the news about an hour ago. You're right, Robin is no longer suffering. I do feel absolutely horrible fot Barry....outliving their Dad and all of his brothers....

May God bless and comfort the Gibb family and may He rest Robin's sweet soul!

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Robin's lead singing style usually irked me, but what a powerful voice in the high register, great harmonies...And 1/3 of the top 3 or 4 songwriting teams of all time!

They often created pure magic in the recording studio for themselves and other artists, for the better part of 30 solid years!

RIP to The King...of the Crying Sheep! crying

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The newspaper said that he contributed about 40 years of music, and being a producer of songs for other artists.

The Bee Gees songs have been covered 6,000 times, it read.

There alot of cancer research, right now, that's been ongoing.

A show at The Excalibur, in Vegas, is a great tribute to The Bee Gees. It has film and photos of the original Bee Gees during the show.

It's the Australian Bee Gees Show. Considered to be the best tribute in the world. They have played in forty countries, to over one million Bee Gee fans

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