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Even in a Cello Solo


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As a classical musician, I hear so much that reminds me of Eric's music, and in the most unlikely compositions. I'm currently playing a concert in which a superb cellist, Jameson Platte, will be playing Gabriel Faure's gorgeous "Elegie" for solo cello and orchestra. As we got to rehearsal letter H the other night, about 9 bars from the end, I heard the familiar chord progression in the piano interlude of "All By Myself"! I thought I was reading into it, but for fun I put on the cd at home and played with it, and sure enough, right there at Letter H was Eric. I find him even in a cello solo.

Just goes to show that great musical minds think alike.


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This wonderful note from Darlene, posted back in May 2012, never got a comment... until now. I was snooping and saw the title, which caught my eye because I love the cello, and I noticed it had zero comments, so I gave it a click and I'm glad I did. 

Hey, all of you rock'n'rollers out there: Put down your air guitar for a minute and soak in this gorgeous piano-and-cello performance. It's not Darlene's performance, but it's a reasonable facsimile featuring Nadege Rochat (cello) and Malgorzata Garstka (piano). 

If you like sad and emotional music that will enrich your musical repertoire, check it out. And, thank you Darlene! (Better late...)



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