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Johnny Carson: American Masters


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What a terrific two hour documentary on the career of television legend Johnny Carson on PBS tonight! If you loved Johnny, and who didn't?, you've got to check this out. I know locally in Chicago it will be on Saturday night for another viewing, but check your local listings for this one, folks, you won't regret it. Heartfelt comments from Letterman, Leno, Garry Shandling, Doc Severinson, Arsenio, Cavett, etc about the master of the talk show.

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I watched the special with amazement. I was never aware of the difficult relationship Johnny Carson had with his mother.

If the reporting was accurate, she was not enthusiastic nor supportive of him and his career success in the least.

That is quite a load for a child to bear, no matter how old the child is.

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Guest Fresh

And was there ever a funnier skit than "Karnak"? laugh

Art Fern and the Tea-Time Movie was always a side-splitter!!!

"Take highway 101 till you get to the fork in the road"!!!(Carson holds up roadmap showing a giant dinner fork smack in the middle of the road!).

"Take highway 53 to the Slossen cut-off....get out of the car, take out your slossen, and cut it off!!!".

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