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Hey You Guys..


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You guys,

I won't be posting for some time and wanted to let you guys know. I know it's not cool here to announce one is "leaving", but I disagree with that consensus.

I worry some about members who disappear for some time, Andie, Aventurine come to mind. Thus I'm announcing in case anyone might worry about me. I'm doing great, nothing to worry about.

I'm going on hiatus for two reasons: First I love this site, and I love Eric Carmen's music...this site is the best....but what I come here for has not been in play for several months and I can't justify the time I spend reading posts here etc.

This site is just not the same sandbox that has drawn me here on a regular basis. No better, no worse, just not for me right now. Also, importantly, I believe the vice-a-versa likely is the case too (I'm not a fit for the site).

Secondly, I've made a decision to move to Panama and start a venture there. I'll likely move in mid-summer. There is a lot to do, more to do than there are hours in the day. So I have to cut out activities in my life where I can.

I'm not one to come on here for 3 minutes a day and then log off. When I get involved in something (this site) I tend to put both feet into it (that's a strength and sometimes a weakness of mine) which takes more time than just a quick log on every day.

I'll still likely lurk at times. I don't want to miss any news, or get togethers, or Eric Carmen concerts, or Tony Cartmill sex change operations cool .... etc. that may pop up, but I will as a rule not post at least thru the Summer.

Anyway, I love you guys....and this is a great website...Bernie has created a little miracle here...I can't fathom what the state of Eric Carmen's music and fandom would be without Bernie's work here and on the books he's written.

I'll be back down the road.


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Oh, one other thing, re: my new avatar..

Before I leave, I wanted one more time to allow Marilyn to realize her dream (to be under James).


Friggin' CLASSIC James. Best of luck James. I always enjoyed reading your serious and er uhm..."less-serious" postings. Look forward to your return here or FB.


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Oh James, so sorry you will be leaving. But I understand all the reasons. I understand completely. And I'm glad you gave us a heads-up because this place won't be the same without James. I, too, wonder about those who have left, and it's nice to not be left wondering. But that's just like my sweet baby James.

I'll miss you. I don't have nearly as much time to come on now either, even though I'm retired. I'm really not, just playing the violin full time, but it's left me even busier than teaching did.

You are a wonderful guy of great character and lofty goals. king I will miss your poems and postings and musings about your "harem." Wishing you every great thing and every dream and purpose realized in Panama. I know you're doing great things as we speak.

Looking forward to your "homecoming" someday in the future. I'll keep the "Jamesian Order" of nuns in mind for your return.

:)-- heartpumpLove, "The Darlene-lama" or..."Jamesian Mother Superior"

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I do understand what you are saying James about it being "different" here. And it is. That is why I haven't posted as much but, I do usually read this board every day. I think I still don't want to take the chance in missing anything.

I have always said that you and I are "the same person with different plumbing." I think one of the first times I asked your advice about sharing a post, it was Sept. '08 and I was about to jump into a political debate. I asked you to read what I wanted to state. You told me to “Post it!†I did and never looked back.

You were one of the members that I couldn't wait to see a post from, I would always be so excited. And I have to admit that I waited with high hopes that when I posted something (that I was hoping to be of value to this board), that you would give it your blessing. Especially my video posts. wink

It been 4 years now and though things have changed a lot around here, I still am so happy, beyond belief, that I had the chance to meet you here. You gave me confidence to allow myself to share my thoughts and words and not to be afraid.

My biggest fear was when I wanted to do a counter point against Eric’s points. (After all, this is his forum, I was the one drooling over Let’s Pretend (and him) and then WHAMO---I was head to head on something and going in the total opposite direction at times.) I used to think...that’s it, he is going to just hate me. But once again, many a time with your encouragement I posted and I was wrong to assume that just because I had another point of view and most of the time a very strongly held point, that I would be disliked immensely by Eric.

And I knew it on this day when you and Eric wrote the following (below)---that I was indeed respected by two amazing and highly intellectual men that were always open to read what I had to say. It meant the world to me!


A couple last points:

Wendy, I'm glad you wrote here... you're a treasure, I love reading what you have to say, on all topics.

And Eric, sometimes we disagree but you're brilliant, you are. Thanks for sharing your insight on this stuff. I'm always stretched and challenged by you, in a good way, and I'm always better for it.



I feel the same way about you, James, and Wendy, too.

It's good to question and it's great to be able to question with friends.



My response.

James, as I have said before, we were separated at birth. And saying I'm a "treasure" is really more than I de-serve, but it did make me feel really good!

And - Eric. There are a few things a girl loves, well at least this girl. A hand-picked flower---a bubble bath while sipping champagne---smelling pretty---feeling soft---the color pink---Lays potato chips (or Doritos, depending upon which is on sale) and being put in the same category as James, who to me, "ain't no dumb broad."

I look forward to any discussions in the future, whether it be on line...or perhaps in person, as one never knows what the future holds.

That was May 2010. My how times flies! But you know, my respect hasn’t changed at all for either of you, in fact it’s grown "tenfold!"

And on that note. I do hope to still meet you one day, I wish you an abundance of blessing in your life, and I hope that there is some girl out there who can finally “reel†you in. (You deserve it!) As I would want the best for you in life and in love.

With much respect to an online friend,


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Best wishes on your new venture. Hope you get settled in quickly and can dig back into EC.com. It ebbs and flows here. I've been waylaid for quite a while myself, and I miss the banter so much that I stop back in every now and then to catch up. I'll try to do more.

Even though I think you and I are in different political camps, it has been too cool to learn about your musical tastes. As I said on one post, I'm certain that there was about 80% overlap in our record collections in college. I would love to have known you then, just so there was at least one person who studied Boats Against the Current (not to mention everything solo and 'berries that came before) as closely as I did. We'd have had some good rap sessions, I know.

Anyway, good luck, stay in touch, and don't take any shi! from anybody!

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JAMES, James, james, JJ, JJ35, JJ-boy, my dear white knight......

I miss you....... crying I'm almost crying.....

I asked you "Don't leave the site. I beg you please!" before you went to Africa.

You stayed at that time.

But this time I can't ask to stay anymore.

Soooo sad but I know it's your time to fly! Follow your dreams.

They will always lead you in the right direction.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best things to live as s human.

I don't know how to say goodbye for a while, I can't think of any word......

I send you many of songs before

"Out of Africa","That's What Freinds Are For", "Climb Every Mountain", "muthu Thema"....etc.etc.

I will send the song for James if you can't get sound data.

You've got a lot of frends on this site.

Wishing you goodluck & success on your new life!!! heartpump

You've Got a Friend --- James Taylor and Carole King

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Big move James:...I hope that you have considered all the pro's and con's...Good news vs. bad news...Below, I have listed a few that you may have overlooked...

#1-BAD NEWS: There are no Panamanian women that look like Hillary Clinton...

GOOD NEWS: There are no Panamanian women that look like Hillary Clinton...(George Clinton from the Funkadelics perhaps)...

#2-BAD NEWS: Roberto Duran is allowed to roam the streets and punch anyone in the face that he feels like it...

GOOD NEWS: At his age and weight, he tires easily...

#3-GOOD NEWS: They have heard of Carmen down there...

BAD NEWS: Its not Eric Carmen, but the Carmen Miranda chick with the fruit basket on her head...

#4-GOOD NEWS: There are very few highway fatalities...

BAD NEWS: There are very few highways period...How fast can you ride a burro actually?...

#5-GOOD NEWS: You'll be closer to AndieMay...

BAD NEWS: You'll be closer to Muzza...

#6-GOOD NEWS: You wont have to push "1" for Spanish...

BAD NEWS: There are no buttons on the telephone crank...

#7-GOOD NEWS: There is a Spanish version of "Panama" by Van Halen...

BAD NEWS: The translation is a little sketchy...They sing "Wichita" instead...

#8- GOOD NEWS: We will have to turn to Cartmill for levity...

BAD NEWS: We will have to turn to Ira for back-up levity...

#9 GOOD NEWS: You are doing what you want with your life...

BAD NEWS: We will miss you immensely...Stay in touch and dont stay away too long...I miss you already...

Our loss is Panama's gain...

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Who knows, James, maybe you can teach a class on music or some songs that have been written by Eric and others. (Now-and-then) on a saturday or sunday. When you have more time to teach.

Tell them about the site here, too!

Some of the other sites keep people busy, but I see no sense in that, unless you share a class/subject interest. Or music. Those who are artists of any kind benefit from other sites like face book. And those who write and sell stories or books.

It's great that you are reaching out, once again. This time, to another community.

Remember, you're like a neighbor here, no matter where you go.

That's why the worldwide web is so great. Everyone enjoys being connected some way. Here, and elsewhere.

Tell us about what's going on there- With music, the culture, festivals, the arts, museums, food, restaurants; and movies.

Don't forget to learn some Spanish, too.

If you play some guitar, I would imagine that you'll be an instant hit. Latin cultures love music. Even if you play only chords and sing.

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The real reason James is going to Panama:

He can afford two girlfriends.

Motels are cheaper there.

He can golf or take sailing lessons for $5.00 per day.


He can have friends over for two weeks, instead of one day.

He wants to grow tomatoes and sell them to the local restaurants for $1.00 each.

He found a swinger's club he likes.

He's made a movie with english subtitles, knowing that the locals would have to see the movie twice to understand what it was about.

He can live off of two concerts using Eric's songs.

It's cheaper to write a gazette paper there.

He always wondered what it was like to jump of a forty foot high boat, in seven feet of water.

He can get free rides on the canal.

He can save on car insurance, not needing a car.

He's finishing his child support.

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