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Why Raspberries Will Always Matter To Me


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angelina said:
Originally Posted By: marvin
I posted this on a Springsteen forum, and it was nice to read the comments from many other 'berries fans. There seems to be a correlation between 'berries and Springsteen fans, generally speaking.

I TOTALLY agree marvin.........Raspberries was VERY popular in NJ back in the early 70's...then BAM....Springsteen comes racing up Rt 9 as our boys are winding down. Heck..both acts covered many of the "obvious" young rocker themes...but also tackled some of the "inside music biz" themes as well. To me, "Overnight Sensation" has a similar thematic feel to it as Bruce's "Meeting Across The River". Plus.....as irony would have it, Clive Davis thought "Greetings From Asbury Park" wasn't commercial enough.

Of course "Born To Run" steals the "I Wanna Be With You" drum intro (yes.....both intros send such strong shivers down my spine that Chris Matthews is jealous). Plus you have tough blue-collar Cleveland with tough "Monmouth/Ocean County Jersey as a common geographical backdrop.

Yes marvin.....Springsteen/Berries certainly have a strong connection!

Everyone here knows Bruce is a big fan of the 'berries, he's said so himself, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that some Springsteen fans are also 'berries fans.

I think the "I Wanna Be With You" drum intro was a lift from "The Locomotion" intro.

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Raspberries will always matter to me...

At first it was a song. Just one song.

Then it was an album. Just one album.

Then it was strong songwriting...great harmonies...superior musicianship...hey, these guys are for real.

Then it was a couple of concerts.

More records. Magazine articles. Fan club memorabilia.

So far, this could be any number of groups.

Romance...ah, there's the hook. It's why Raspberries will always matter to me. The intangible combination of first love and Raspberries. Intoxicating to me. Woven into my DNA. Amen.

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