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New B-Boys Single


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Made me feel like a kid to be listening to the radio todaay and hear them play the lead single from forthcoming new Beach Boys Album honoring 50th anniversary..and recorded by reunited surviving Beach Boys.

Now despite Tony C's kidding...I know it's 2012...and this single will receive NO play...Hell even Sprigsteen doesn't get radio play of new material...BUT it was still cool to feel that sense of anticipation for a new record by "America's Band" like I did "All Those Years Ago".

I kinda like it...and I continue to be inspired by Brian's struggles and victories over many of his demons.

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Right you are, Ira. No my favorite BB song, but it does grow on you. This would be nice to hear on the radio, IF any station would bother to play it. I have pretty much given up on the airwaves. There is nothing that appeals anymore. Even after brow beating a local DJ on a big LA oldies station (Oh yeah, I seem to remember the Raspberries), I was told input was not an option. Play lists are all done by computer. Oh joy! Which of the six classic songs they play over and over will I hear today?

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I agree with Reid; the "radio" as we all grew up with is pretty much dead.

I like the sound of the new song; its wonderful that the Beach Boys are still recording new stuff and I think they sound great.

The BBs are legends and I don't think this new single will bring more fans to the table; rather its a testament to their continuing legacy to keep making new music over the years of changes, tragedies, etc. It will be appreciated by their fans.


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Solid Beach Boys sound. Good stuff.

Sometimes the "older" artists have to get creative and also get a bit lucky... Re: Springsteen, Dan Patrick has been praising and playing portions of his new album during his nationally syndicated sports show... often longer cuts during the "look-ins" that happen on the TV side while the radio break is occurring. Or like Raspberries themselves got a lot of exposure by the Boss praising them during some of his concerts...

I do hope that maybe the guys will also do some late night shows, gain a bit more exposure. Time will tell.

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