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New Picture??


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Okay, it's so slooow right now, I'll tell you the story behind the HOB picture and the look on their faces...

The day of the show, Raspberries were on KLOS with Mark and Brian to promote the show. I called in to the radio station, and was told I was second in line to get on the air. I was excited to think I could get on L.A.'s classic rock station and promote the concert!

After awhile, the radio show takes the first caller- it's some lady who asks the Raspberries about 'Frosty and the Snowmen' (some musical group?). It was really off the wall! I guess that one caller spooked the screener, because I sat on hold for the rest of the show and they never took another caller! I was really bummed out that I didn't get a chance to build up the show.

Fast forward to the photo (done with a one-time use camera). As I walked in to see Raspberries, Eric greets me with "Kirk"! I can't tell you how cool that was. I shot back with, "Aren't you guys 'Frosty and the Snowmen'? I had handed my camera to someone else, who took the picture right after my 'Frosty and the Snowmen' greeting, which, as you can see, went over like a lead balloon!

C'mon, Bernie, post a picture before I strike again grin

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Kirk, thanks for posting the picture and the great story. I wonder if they screened that Frosty the Snowman caller at KLOS..obviously makes no sense. But in a twisted way, you captured a moment in history! smile

Are Mark and Brian still on the air?


The last time I listened they were still on the air...

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It is a little sloooow right now...here's a picture from 2007 at HOB in Hollywood...mandatory Eric content wink

Their expressions remind me of their first album cover:

It's nice when fans have pictures to share with other fans.

You had a good idea to do a comparison with the album cover. This makes me hope you or others have even more pictures to share. Thanks for posting.

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