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Bernie + 3 Stooges!


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I don't know if you all know...but our Bernie's passion for Eric...is only rivaled by his passion for Jerry Lewis AND the Three Stooges.

Well today..I went to see the new Three Stooges movie with my dear son Jake.

Along with Rock And Roll...the iconic Bugs Bunny...Yogi Bear...Dick Van Dyke...and the Stooges got me thru the awfulness of my upbringing.

I LOVED this film.

Bernie...and ALL my friends out there...I eagerly await your weighing in with your opinions on this movie...an obvious labor of love from all associated with this film.

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I'm REALLY eager yo hear your opinion...I enjoyed it...and I'll say this...the hijinks were non-stop...just like in the "shorts"...no romantic angle...no filler...and alot of the anarchy of the boys bringin' down the rich and snooty.."Nyaah AhhAhh"!

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Unfortunately, the film got panned by most of the critics...which makes me want to see it all the more.

Critics have lambasted some of my favorite films.

I saw a clip of this on TV the week before the theatrical release, and it looked very authentic. They aren't trying to outdo or reinvent the 3 Stooges, but they are trying to pay homage to them, and help to introduce their comedy to new generations.

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