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My own "sniglet":

Hogyafied: A term used to describe a positive, life-altering change derived as a direct result from the repeated exposure and influence of ericcarmen.com. Such as, but not limited to:

- Developing close friendships/bonds

- Health changes (weight, smoking, etc)

- education (improved computer skills, Prof. Carmen's Music Biz 101, etc.)

- Cultural exposure and enlightenment (international membership)

Although Eric has been a major influence throughout my life, the changes I've experienced have come not from Eric, but rather from Bernie's creation of ericcarmen.com, and the influence this site and many members have had on me. So, this is my way of honoring Bernie, for the positive changes in which he has unknowingly played a major part in. happy

Hogyafied- Example 1....

This site made me finally stop accepting my fat, old lady status. I got off my fat ass, and gradually lost over 50 lbs. I'm also walking and working out every day at the local YMCA, to get firm and toned. Once again I'm fitting into my "high school" jeans. A fat loss thread here was the catalyst that inspired me to achieve this, with my dear friends Tracy and Robin influencing me with their shout box comments, and cheering me on..... :thanx:

Hogyafied- Example 2....

Also, a smoking thread set the wheels in motion for me. You see, I've been a smoker for many years. When I saw that even Eric had finally quit, I figured maybe I could too...once and for all! With support and encouragement from Tracy and Robin (again), and others, it pleases me greatly to say I haven't smoked in over 2 months. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it truly is. Other times I've tried to quit, I continued to want one throughout the time I was going without. This time I honestly don't want it anymore. I have NO DESIRE to smoke anymore. I think this time it's gonna work!! I am also 100% positive I would still be smoking right now without the influence of ec.com, and the special friends I've made here. :thanx:

These are just two of several examples I could give.

How many of you have experienced positive changes in your lives as a result from your visits here? I'd love to hear other's personal accounts of how ericcarmen.com has made a positive impact on your lives......


Thank You Bernie!!


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Thank you Ira! Your past threads on weight loss & smoking played a part, as you have been one of the positive influences I was referring to. Without this site, I wouldn't know you...at least in the cyber world! happy

"Hogyafied" ("Ho-jayfied") laugh

Come on...I can't be the only one to experience positive personal changes from ec.com!

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Wow..what awesome things you've done; your pride comes right on through. It's great that this website brought you that level of support! For me, this site has been intellectually stimulating...when I first discovered it and read the old threads on Eric's take on the music business and his own journey in his writng. I am a detail person and ate it up. I love reading the history of the band and the cool unusual music bits Bernie shares with us. Eric's input and Bernie's work on the site makes the music all the more special to me..that's how I am "Hogyafied.."


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It's great that you've lost so much weight on the diet and quit smoking too! Wonderful!

It's nice to have made the friendships I have from the folks here and to have actually met a few of them.

The best thing about this website would be that I joined just in time to hear about the last Raspberries concert in Cleveland. Nothing could make me forget how wonderful it was to have finally seen the guys perform after all these years. The warmth I felt in that audience was really something else.

Thanks Bernie!

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Brilliant post, Kim! I'm proud of you!

And I want to say thank you Bernie!

I didn't have any foringh freinds until I came to this site.

But now I have a lot of precious freinds all over the world.

It's incredible! I've never imagine before.

Thank you for give me a precious morment and expieriences,Bernie! heartpump

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Guest Rachan

YAY KIM!!!!!

Don't worry about the 8 lbs. If you can lose 50, you can lose 8 later on....

Quitting smoking is HUGE !!!! A VERY strong addiction.You should be immensely proud of your determination & accomplishment!!!

Not bad for a Monkey smile

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PS: For the uninitiated, my name is Hungarian, and you pronounce that "GY" as a "J" and the "A" is long -- so Hogya is pronounced "Ho-jay!"

I love Hungary, I visited there in 1997.

Cruise on Danube, beautiful Chain Bridge'The Széchenyi',

Magyar Allami Operahouse....I enjoyed "Gianni Schicchi"!

And unforgettable place is Hungaty central Market!

I can cook best "Hungarian Goulash" a soup or stew of meat, vegetables (onion and potato),

seasoned with paprika and other spices.

I learnt how to cook at Hungary heartpump

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Dear BV,

Don't think I was a member yet (in 2012) when this topic began. I want to applaud you for taking charge of your health. No one can do it for us, right?!

You need to be very proud of your strength & determination.....Congrats :)

As many other members have said, I treasure the friends I've made here. Never thought I'd be someone that would make sincere (or any) connections through a website! But, we all have that common bond - the love of music!

Many thx to Bernie for this 'labor of love'....

Best regards,

redd :)

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I wanted to wait to read this thread until I could take the time to absorb it, and I'm glad I did.

So happy for you, Kim! Not to dis EC.com or the great and awesome Bernie — at whose feet I worship and whom I admire — but YOU did those things. They may have been the catalyst, but YOU carried it through.


Now, then ... Bernie. First of all, I Iove your name! And I know I've said it before — and I'll say again — but how you pull everything off never ceases to amaze me. I know we sometimes don't make it easy for you, but you oversee this site with grace and aplomb.

You're one of my heroes.



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