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Dick Clark dead at age 82


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Wow..I worked late tonight and just saw this sad news. I agree about the courage he showed to return to the public eye after his stroke. I remember thinking how rare a thing that seemed to be in Hollywood. He had a special way with his guests; so geniune and affable. Always loved this short clip of he and Eric on American Bandstand. Jean

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I'm not denying what Dick did on "AB", but I wonder how much say he had in which guests came on the show? I would think he had more say back in the heyday of that show, than in the latter days when a lot of the music must have been foreign to him - and to me!

"AB" influenced fashion and dance styles more than anything else, and I think Dick knew that many people watched the show for those reasons as much as to see the stars.

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Marvin, I am thinking he had staff that helped him keep on the pulse on the current trends, but if I am not mistaken, he was the executive producer..so I am guessing he was active in the process. Especially with his background and what a successful career he had, I somehow can't picture him in the back seat at all; at least during his long years of good health.

Another thought..I don't remember the year; it could have been the first New Year's he returned to hosting the New Year's Rockin Eve after his stroke..but I remember thinking..I never saw Dick Clark as aging at all until I saw him at that time. And then I remember being in awe at this guts and determination. I think he was known as "America's Teenager." Iconic career.


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