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R & R Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

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Is anyone here going to the R&R Hall of Fame Induction on Saturday in Cleveland? The Faces are being inducted and are supposed to be playing. Green Day is iducting Guns and Roses.

I love Green Day & Rod and Faces. I bought tickets from an online broker. Hopefully it's going to be as exciting as it sounds. Has anyone ever attended one of these?

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Rod Stewart had caught the flu, so he won't be able to attend.

According to an article, yesterday. But the Faces bandmates are thrilled that a friend and replacement dropped everything to arrive and play some songs with the band.

One of the Guns and Roses bandmembers, Axl Rose, won't be there. Due to his own choosing. There was an article where one of the other bandmembers spoke about that disappointment.

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Thanks for the info. I just happened to check here to see if anyone else commented about the show. I'm going to be really busy before leaving for the show (I'm a CPA) and probably would not checked any articles and would not have realized Rod wasn't showing up until tonight at the show. The Faces reunion was the major reason I was going. At least I know in advance and won't be in shock tonight!!! Thanks.

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