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Hello All,

I have been reading and looking through the site for awhile and finally made the jump. I have become more interested in different styles of music recently whereas I didn't have that much musical curiosity when I was very young. In exploring this, I discovered more of our host's music than I was ever previously aware. I played the piano for a short time but I'm now sorry I didn't stick with it! Anyways, I'm in western New York where we just enjoyed the best March in memory-Looking forward to getting to some concerts this summer/year.


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Welcome Mike!

I, too, am fairly new here after looking around for awhile. I have found this website to be a very interesting place; esp if you take the time to read some of the back threads when Eric was actively posting. You will learn alot about his journey in the music business, but more interestingly, you will learn alot about his craft and the meaning behind so much of this great music.

I hope you will have fun participating as well!

:) Jean

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