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The Beatles - The Next Generation


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if anything,, they should have considered Julian. Sean Lennon has inherited Yoko's musical talent {zero!}!, certainly not John's!! To call it a Beatles related project {no pun intended} is all wrong in my book.

I think James was speaking too quickly by giving this (potential) group a name connected with the Beatles. Why would they (the new group) want that kind of pressure? As it is, musically-speaking, just having the surnames that they do brings a lot of pressure and expectations.

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Glad to hear from slvnbil.

I think, too that Julian is very smart. He could produce their show. Isn't he the one who sounds so much like his father, John? Who is being honored in a show, now? [see my post above].

They need a good producer, to tell them what is good to do, or not, in their show. Also, whatever show they do, it's good to do something a little different than just play songs for an hour-and-a-half.

If they play mostly their own songs, and some of The Beatles, that could turn out better for less comparisons. But, people will find a way to compare them. That's human nature. Yes, I know, there really is no comparison at all.

It was a time, back then for The Beatles when people saw their talent; had the desire to manage them, and really help their unique sound on their records-

Called, "The Wall Of Sound". That's where their producer would re-record vocals over two or three times. Then play them all together on the playback and on their albums.

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