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Eric's Interpreter

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I'm freelance writer.

I'm in the middle of a new project for weekly magagine.

I interviewed some woman yesterday.

She has relation with Eric.

Many of you can see her face on Bernie's book "Marathon Man" chapter 14 "Land of the Rising Sun" page 261.

Well, she was the interpreter when Eric came to Japan in 1979.

Her name is Kumiko Torikai, she is the most famous interpreter, the chairwoman of "the Japan Association for Interpretation Studies interpreter", the professor of univercity and she is TV program hostess now.

After the interview, I showed "Marathon Man" page 261 for her and asked.

Aventurine : Is that you, professor Totikai?

Ms.Torikai : Oh, is that Eric Carmen??? Yes! That's me!

She was surprised.

Ms.Torikai : What article is this? I don't know what is this!

Aventurine : Didn't you know?

Ms.Torikai : Well, I didn't know! I want this book! How can I get it?

Aventurine : I'm afraid it is hard to get it.

I explained to her about the book "Marathon Man".

Ms.Torikai : I'll try to look for and get it!!!

Aventurine : Did you have any memories of Eric Carmen?

Ms.Torikai : Are you a fan of Eric Carmen?

Aventurine : Yes! I'm crazy about Eric Carmen!!!

Professor Torikai smiled longingly and said.

Ms.Totikai : I remembered about him very much.

Eric was shy person, well,so shy.

Look at his face in this picture! It's just Eric I remembered.

He heard so earnestly when I translated the question from the Japanese or foringh press.

And he choose the words faithfully, and answerd for every questions so carefully and honestly.

I felt he is so smart and faithfully person.

I have many experiences to interprete for many musucians or actors.

There are someone who talk only joke, big talker or so difficult.

But he is NOT such a kind of person.

He was a quiet and not much of social person, then he is a pleasant person.

I had a very good time with him. I'm impressed.

Ms.Torikai has soooooooo many experiences as No.1 iterpreter in Japan, so I'm afraid she has forgotten about Eric.

But she remembered very well.

Ms.Torikai : What does he doing now?

Aventurine : He stopped any musical work now.

Ms.Torikai : Oh,no.

Aventurine : May I post about the meeting with you to Eric?

Ms.Torikai : Yes of couse! Please tell him, "I'm deep impressed about Eric."

Aventurine : Sure! Thank you, professor Torikai!

It was great conversation for me.

Eric is all I have thought he is. I'm so glad!

Eric, do you remenber at that time?

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