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I have been a Raspberries and Eric Carmen fan since the early 70's. I would love to see the Raspberries and/or Eric put together a tour sometime this year. I live in Topeks, Kansas which means the closest they'd come to me would probably be Kansas City. I'd be willing to travel if I could see them/him in concert. Eric's music is absolutely awesome. His voice the greatest, and his talent unsurpassable.

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Funny you should mention it Anne, as I am in the final stages of negotiating with Eric and the boys for another tour, since everybody knows, though they won't admit it, they are itching to get out and play together again.

However, the brick wall I keep hitting when getting the signatures on the bottom line,...the color of rose pedals that will line the path from the dressing room to the stage for each show...Wally wants traditional red, Eric insists on white!..Neither will budge on their "vision" of the proper start of the show...I suggested both colors or alternating colors each night, but since neither one of them came up with that idea, they are still rejecting...It's a deal-breaker...This might not get done.

Bernie even created a new company called "Got Roses!" and offered free flowers delivered for each show...Still no compromise from either side...Marvin is emailing Wally to stand his ground...Eric won't come to our board for any advice because his "minds eye" about the subject is real strong (White roses, white piano, white jumpsuits...).

Maybe you, Anne, could breathe some fresh air into the stalled negotiations and get this tour going sometime in 2012...What do you say?

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december25 said:

Welcome Anne! You will have fun here and yes, Tony is somewhat crazy but we all love him.


Suzanne is right, since your new here you probably never saw my take on Tony so here it is. :)


He's a casanova of this site

He would love to blanket

EC.com girls at night

Charming and witty

Never a loss for something to say

All the girls beg please please Tony

Don't go away!

He teases and pleases a girl from Japan

Whispers and flirts with girl named Suzanne

His harem he controls with ease and grace

Oh Tony Oh Tony love your avatar face!

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As you've already seen, EC.com is a fun place to be. You've probably figured out by reading that there was indeed a Raspberries Reunion Tour in 2004, kicked off in Cleveland on Nov. 26th at the House of Blues. It was THE most special dream of a night, and we were all walking on air until the final concert.

I keep the faith that there will one day be another tour. Don't laugh, because I kept faith that there would be one in my lifetime from 1972 till 2004, and that was 32 years. It took a long time, but it happened. So...

as the rock song goes, "Don't stop believin'".

I too hold out the hope. And then, when it's in the works, you can lobby for Kansas City to be a venue.


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