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Songs from Winter Dreams

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When someone here mentioned Winter Dreams, I thought of the romantic "Almost Paradise", which the public may have preferred (and I love also). My favorite songs from WD also include the touching "I Was Born To Love You", "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight", and "Someone That You Loved Before", along with the addictive "Top Down Summer", and "Everytime I Make Love To You". Heck, why don't I just list them all? I also seriously enjoy "I Could Really Love You" and "Isn't It Romantic". Plus "Cartoon World" is perfect when looking for something much different.

Speaking of "Cartoon World", I want to give special mention to the melody, which can be overlooked (the chorus has such a pleasing tune, much better than the verse tune, IMO*). Coupled with the lyrics, this should have been a hit. This song deserves a re-listen. In the past I've listened over and over, enough times so that it stayed with me the rest of the day, causing me to hum along while the tune of the smooth and catchy chorus played in my mind.

*That mariachi sound of the verse is not my favorite (although it is loved by others, and I do think it enhances the song meaning.)

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"Isn't It Romantic" and "Top Down Summer" are my faves, along with the 2 near-perfect covers..."I Was Born To Love You" grabbed me the first time I heard it and I was really digging it until Eric screeches "until the end of time" on the out chorus. CRINGE! It's just too high and forced for a ballad like that, then he does it again and again. That made it a second tier song on the album for me...

Sadly, all the DJs and executives around the country, just praying for a chance to support Eric in another comeback hit, all cringed with me and collectively shook their heads..."What's with the screeching in the chorus? Who decided on that melody direction? The guy is finally free from "Career-Sabateur-Clive", and he shoots himself in the foot, lames a hit ballad with one misguided melody line..."

Well, that's the way I remember it, anyway... wink

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Ahhh... WINTER DREAMS! A dream come true for Eric Carmen fans wishing, hoping, praying for new music from the master. It was a great gift to all of us that Eric went back into the studio to give us more of what we all craved! It was such a personal thrill for me, after being a lifelong fan, to have Eric thank me in the liner notes. Back then, he didn't even know my name—listing me as "Raspbernie."

Good times, no... F'ing GREAT times!!!


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But it is in Eric's blood, how can it not be? Look at what he has accomplished in his career.

I see it this way, I would rather someone produce a “work of art†where the listener can almost taste the excitement of what the artist has to present, rather than mass producing music with zero feeling to it. When one’s heart is into something, I truly think it will show in the end product.

Sometimes an artist takes a break, sometimes they have done what they have wanted to do and care to do it no longer. I can't speak for Eric...only he knows and only time will tell, but for me, this doesn't mean it isn't "in his blood."

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I agree with Bessie Boo..."Isn't It Romantic?" is my standout of Winter Dreams, which is tough because there are so many good ballads.

Also, agree with Tony..I LOVE LOVE the 2 covers; Eric took such care with "Caroline, No;" I wonder if Brian Wilson liked it. As for "Walk Away Renee".. I cannot remember where I read Eric explaining how he covered it (could not find it in Marathon Man?)..Anyway, he said he covered the 1st chorus in the instrumental style of Left Banke; 2nd chorus as the Raspberries would cover it; 3rd chorus he rocked it out and lastly he just fused it all together. I really loved that!

As for "Cartoon World," I hated it when I first heard it, but it really grew on me and I think its a great, clever piece. Love it now!

psych Jean

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Bessie Boo, Jean, Tony,

Me too!!!

I love "Isn't It Romantic" most! heartpump

Of course, Eric's melody is suprended.

And Bruce Gaitsch's guitar is superior!

My second one is "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight"

I'm almost melting..... heartpump

And "Every Time I Make Love To You"

'Cause no one could love me the way that you do'

Sigh...... heartpump

I will go to the live of Bruce Gaitsch at Tokyo again in April!

This time, Janey Clewer

(who sing with Eric "Almost Paradise" in Winter Dreams)

performs with Gaitsch!!!

I'm very very looking forward it! LuvLove

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Thank you Jean!

This time, I'll invited from

Bruce and Janey's freind Mr.Morito Suzuki

(who is Art designer of Janey's new album "LOVE").

So I expected to talk with Janey and Gaitsch!

Janey's new album "Love" is coraboration album.

She sang with Eric before "Only Time Will Tell"

is in this album.

April 4 release in Japan!


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