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Car Accident!


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Sometimes I forget I'm 60!

I get up for work at 5:30 a.m. ...and most nights take my wonderful son Jake ..who has special needs..to therapy...to a Tourette's Help session...to dinner...cook for him and me...and besides that I go to the gym and have to prove to myself tha t I'm 20.

Well this morning I missed a curve in the road and wound up flipped over in my car.

Went to the emergency room at JFK Hospital...after cat scan (I don't know how to spell that) and chest x-ray...I only have contusions and possibly higher insurance rates.

Anyhoo...like all of us...I got some REAL stresses in my life...and maybe it's time to stop runnin' and tryin' to prove I'm young and that I'm O.K.

I'm tryin' to sell my house...I'm divorcin'...I'm pondering retirement...I met a woman I like and that scares the shit out of me...

Maybe it's time to take a little advice from the Beatles and stop bein' afraid to face my demons...and...

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Oh my gosh Ira...I feel terrible about your car but very happy that you are basically ok. That must have been such a terrifying experience...I hope you do take some of your own advice..slow down..just a bit...and here's some advice that always works too...cheesy but good...Don't worry,,, Be Happy..

Please take care of yourself...Valorie

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OMG Ira thank god your ok! Sometimes it takes something like that to tell us to slow down, but a more safer sign from up above would of been nice huh? Take care my friend and have that lady friend of yours give you some extra TLC! smile

PS You did spell CAT scan correctly smart


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Thanks friends...

To quote the GREAT Mark Lindsay...singin' the lyrics of the GREAT Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill....

"Dontcha see no matter what you do,

You'll never run away from you,

And if ya keep on runnin',

You're gonna pay the price..."

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WHAT????? Slow Down?????? Are you kidding me????? Dude...you just cheated death (not the car accident...but surviving JFK Med Ctr in Edison).

Seriously, I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Thank God you're okay. The way I see it though....outside of your son and his well-being...you should be living for you......................................AT FULL THROTTLE!!!!!

just one man's opinion

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Glad to hear you're o.k., Ira. I don't know what a guy goes through right after a divorce, but maybe the message here is 'slow down a little'- you don't have to prove anything to anybody! Just sayin'...

O.k., now go out and get yourself a brand new red sports car! grin!

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You take a photo of what's left of that car & keep it in your wallet. Any time you feel that stress and/or exhaustion are taking their toll, just step back, pull out the photo, and remember how you dodged a bullet on the morning of March 9th. One 'sick' day off is better than no more days on or off. Good things are happenning for you at this point in your life, and we certainly all want you to be around to enjoy them...

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